12 week accountability programme

12 Week Business Planning, Accountability and Growth Programme


Firstly, anybody is welcome to join this programme. Most of my work is aimed at single mums, and I will make some reference to us specifically, due to my own experience, but this is relevant to men and women of all ages and status. So please be reassured that you are welcome to join.

There is a cost – £5 per week to be collected by Direct Debit every Monday – there is a link at the bottom to set this up and commit.

If you are reluctant to spend £5 per week you must question if business is right for you. When I started it amazed me how people would rather see me spend £5 per week on lottery or wine than investing in my own future.

You will get a certificate at the end of the programme as long as you complete the accountability work.

You may be on universal credit or you may be living on other income, but whatever your financial status, if you are serious about getting your business off / back off the ground, you need to either hold yourself accountable or let somebody else hold you accountable for your input. Your business may already be performing, but not enough, and you may welcome some external pressure to help you re-evaluate and push your own boundaries.

I will now refer to self-employment and universal credit. You have two barriers – one, is that it is often assumed that you claim self-employment as a way to evade work and you have no intention of being self-sufficient. You may be under pressure to look for external employment and your work coach may have little faith in your business acumen. Therefore traceable input is crucial, this 12 week programme will help you with this. Secondly, if you have fallen to UC, budget is likely to be a barrier, this programme will look at that too whilst remaining affordable, whilst evidencing your willingness to commit and invest in your business both practically and financially.

You are welcome if you do not have a business plan and do not know what you might do in self-employment. You are also welcome if you are in year 3 of business and want to test your own knowledge!

We will look at your working hours, your PR platforms, your marketing, your business plans and form creation, barriers, confidence, anxiety, imposter syndrome, your own admin, timescales, action, and much more. Now is the perfect time to get busy ahead of functioning normally in business post restrictions.

Start dates: Monday 8th March. Monday 7th June. Monday 13th September. If you are serious about business and self-employment you must have that mindset to get straight to work focus once school opens.

This programme will be administered by a closed FB Group, which you will be added to when you sign-up using this link: https://pay.gocardless.com/AL0003M79Z0HWM

Once you sign up £5 per week will be taken from your bank account on a Monday for 12 weeks, so don’t worry if these start before 8th March, they will automatically end after 12 collections.

You only need to commit one post per day (in FB Group) (your working days which we will determine in week 1) to the group – but you also need to submit ground work evidence, either in the group or by email, if you want a certificate of attendance and completion at the end.

The cost is because it is a group programme and not 1-1 – if you want private, completely confidential 1-1 mentoring you can book this via the SMBN website.

Course Outline

Week 1 – Business and Income Clarity

Week 2 – Websites and Social Media

Week 3 – Envy, Ethics and Outcome

Week 4 – Networking

Week 5 – Sales v Engagement

Week 6 – Barriers and Primitive Behaviour

Week 7 – Sacrifice and Psychology – Making it Happen

Week 8 – Accounts and Pension

Week 9 – Paid PR and Free PR

Week 10 – Revise, Review, Reject

Week 11 – Wellbeing, PIE and Productiveness

Week 12 – Signposting for further Biz Growth and Information

sign-up using this link: https://pay.gocardless.com/AL0003M79Z0HWM