Be a County Coordinator

To join the SMBN is really straightforward and it gives you an opportunity to earn a little extra income whilst doing what you love!

I was going to host all meetings personally but I realise as the network is progressing that this isn’t realistic as I have a lot of work to do behind the scenes and I need the support of my own network to host monthly coffee meet-ups in their own county.

The SMBN is a cheap network – it is £5 per month for members to gain the support of the network, to enjoy a collaborative voice and raise awareness of their business. Meetings need to be cheap too, but not free. It’s work and it’s business. You will coordinate Single Mums in your own area and invite them to a monthly coffee in a suitable environment from 11am-1pm. Preferably Wednesdays but essentially on a day to suit you – this can be on a weekend if you are building your business around employment.

Both Guests and members will need to pay £5 to attend your meeting, this will go into your pot for your time and admin. They will also need to buy their own coffee. It is not about selling membership of the SMBN, if they want to join and benefit from member benefits they will. Your job is to ensure they understand the difference, and to host the normal business networking meeting so that they can all share their business / ideas and ask for or offer support.

To be a County Coordinator you need to be a member. I will come and host the first meeting with you in situ and you can then just crack on and enjoy the comradeship and business networking! Please join the network and let me know if you want to be a CC and your area. Thanks, Jules x

Meet our Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Surrey and Herefordshire CC’s: