SMBN Founder Julie Hawkins

I set-up my award-winning company KIH Products in 2013 after designing the KIH Bed – a Pregnancy Cushion used by Massage Therapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors to enable clients to lay on their bellies at variable stages of pregnancy, in 2011 when I was heavily pregnant. I had also embarked on a Law Degree when I fell pregnant in 2011 and once I graduated in 2016 I published Finding Happiness and Freeing Your Spirit to Amazon to help others help themselves move forward in a positive way. (free on kindle unlimited).  I am also a confidante, and offer complete discretion for high profile Single Mums who want to connect via KIH Holistics.

Whilst I had worked full time age 15-35 my world changed when I became a single mum in 2012. Moving from paid employment and home ownership onto income support and rental property gave me a painful insight into how bad I would be made to feel for claiming those contributions and being a tenant.

Desperate to continue my love of working but also desperate to be a full-time mum started a long and painful journey of fighting for family and financial independence. Whilst I continually attempted to find work in sync with school that paid a decent wage, this proved very difficult. My journey has taught me more than I ever wanted to know and now I have set up the SMBN to connect and support other hard-working single mums.

You are not alone as a single mum in business, you are part of the SMBN.


Single Mums in Business UK
Julie Hawkins

Public Speaking

We all love to tell our story don’t we! But I also love to share the information and advice that has helped me grow over the past decade to help you too find inner peace, purpose, confidence and pride. I have watched inspirational speakers in the past who have talked about starting with only £20K and I haven’t really felt that inspired. As you know – £20K opens a LOT of doors! So when I speak I speak about having zero confidence, not a penny in the bank, no support at home and creating something through sheer determination and grit, and crucially how anybody can make that happen, including you!