When you work really hard in employment, your work is recognised by pay increases or employee of the month stickers! and when you work hard in study, your work is recognised by certificates or qualifications. When you work hard in business, it is easy to feel like you are suffering and silence and nobody has any idea what you are going through to make things happen behind the scenes! Awards are such a great opportunity to submit an essay about what you have done and what you plan to do! and it’s really nice to be awarded recognition for your efforts and authenticity. Don’t be shy to nominate yourself or somebody you think is awesome! What is the worst that can happen really?! we don’t issue a list of who applied! We only disclose if you make it to the finals, so go ahead, tell your story and enjoy your glory! The 2022 Awards will be held on Saturday 22nd October from 5pm for adults and children, and winners get trophies, prizes, and memories to last a lifetime! Applications open November 29th 2021. Finalists announced June 2022.

National SMBN Awards 2020

Take a look at our winners, prize sponsors, highly commended accolade award winners, finalists, the official video and the Covid friendly prize ceremony that was live on FB! We made some beautiful memories in a year that tried to sink us! Read more…

Sponsor the 2022 Awards

The Awards are not-for-profit, we do not charge entry fees and we only charge cost for the ceremony, so please sponsor if you can, either by sponsoring a category or by donating a prize.. read more

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