Our ethos – No person should fight solo. We all have the ability to lift others. We are stronger together.

Whether you are new to self-employment, just setting up a company or a seasoned business woman who understands the SMiB journey, we welcome you to join the network, because you know how important it is that we support each other and dispel misconceptions, and paying it forward is one of the most rewarding things that a girl can do!

You can also join as a professional single mum to join the sisterhood of like-minded women, equally you may be young or unemployed and be looking to join a positive network of single mums to help you help yourself.

We are proud of our strong work ethic alongside managing a household solo. We welcome fledgling members, swan members, corporate members and friends of the SMBN. See the ‘join us’ tab.

The primary objective of the SMBN is to help you gain exposure to your business whilst reducing stigma and dispelling misconceptions that single mums are work shy. It is the passion of founder Julie Hawkins to raise awareness of the real issue being that work is not in sync with school and wages are not in sync with inflation.

The root cause of benefits in this Country is that parents are constructively dismissed by society for needing to work within available childcare hours, or being pushed into low paid work for the ‘privilege’ of working in school hours; this leads to a life-long dependency on benefits, due to the lack of pension, decent career and opportunity to lift oneself out of relative poverty. Until work and pay harmonise with parenting the SMBN will help you by increasing exposure to your business.

The SMBN is not a networking group. Whilst some members act as County Coordinators and host meetings for members in their County this is not the primary objective of the SMBN.

When you join as a member you benefit from monthly zoom business meetings, access to Employee Assistance Programme, inclusion in the quarterly Single Mums Business magazine and you have a fantastic national community of like-minded women to connect with. If you join and you are not in business (i.e. in employment or on benefits and seeking direction) you still benefit from inclusion in the Employee Assistance Programme (see join us page for details), and social on-line and / or in person meetings, as well as being connected to a community of like-minded women who are single parents with a strong work ethos and a real commitment to personal and professional development.

The SMBN does not support MLM recruiters.

The SMBN is not open to single dads because a) I do not know what it is like to be a single dad and b) this could easily turn into a dating site and it is far from it. But, there’s plenty out there for dads! Take a look at OnlyDads, Michael Ray, Yorkey Dads , Whole Man Academy, Dads Unlimited Dads in Business and there are more!

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