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Below you will see links to a shameful number of reports evidencing the need for flexible working, evidencing the link between domestic violence, financial crisis, depression, economic abuse. The list goes on.

For years organisations have been submitting evidence to explain the problem, and the solution, yet our government still talk about incentivising and upskilling.

What I have learned since forming the SMBN is that the Government are well aware of the problem, and we cannot rely on them to be incentivised to solve it. The positive economic impact is evident in abundance, and every UK tax payer benefits from removing barriers to work and enterprise, but still we have very little action.

That is why we must all lead by example, instead of relying on our leaders to lead as they should. Keep going, keep promoting flexible working roles, keep talking with your feet to get the message through to archaic employers, keep fighting for your right to live your life, instead of survive it.

Below the report links you will find links to other organisations that may help you

Womens-experiences-of-the-cost-of-living-crisis-in-Scotland.pdf (

Women-Living-with-Debt-1.pdf (

Kaleidoscopic UK – Turning the lens on domestic abuse

The cost of living – Women’s Aid (

UK Policy Briefings Archives – Womens Budget Group (

Surviving Economic Abuse: Transforming responses to economic abuse

Social Impact Review – Single Mums Business Network [SMBN] [CIC]

WPG-COVID-19-Feminist-Recovery-Plan-Relaunch-One-Year-On.pdf (

WPG-Feminist-Recovery-Plan-Research-Report-Womens-Voices-at-the-Core.pdf (

The Alison Rose Review of Female Entrepreneurship – GOV.UK (

Careers After Babies report (

Insight and research for businesses – flexible working – Timewise

Bloody Good Employers

Single Parent Discrimination Survey – This survey is being conducted by the campaign for Single Parent Rights. The purpose of this survey is to collect data on discrimination faced by single parents to inform our campaign activities. It should take around ten minutes to complete. For more information on the campaign please visit

Employment Research (TBC) — Single Parent Rights

Single Parent Employment Challenge – Gingerbread

For Single Parents Day 2021 I hosted an event to support my fellow Single Parent Organisations with exposure. They have made some great connections with each other since.

Follow link to Blog for details of Frolo, Dads Unlimited, Only Dads, Only Mums, Single Parents Wellbeing, Neesie, Asian Single Parents Network and more…

Alcohol Parent Area | Alcohol Education Trust

Gingerbread – Charity supporting single parent families

Turn2Us – Charity for supporting people when times get tough

Shelter – Charity helping people with housing advice and homelessness

StepChange – Debt Charity – completely free advice and help

Free Debt Advice to help people with bailiff debts
Blog – Bailiff Help & Advice (

I was asked to share the following guide, called “Tax Debt and Mental Health​” which I have read in full and agree contains valuable, and accurate information if you have any concerns with debt, tax debt, and the impact on your mental health.

If you are struggling with electricity debt and are under threat of forced pre-payment meter – complain to Ofgem: Ofgem completes review of suppliers’ customer service and complaints handling | Ofgem

The Charities Listed Below are Personally Recommended. If you are a Philanthropist please support them!

Alternative Finance
Fredericks Foundation – Charity Women’s Loan Fund

Purple Shoots – Charity offering small loans to give you a chance


Registered Charity Opora will offer start-up business grants up to the value of £5,000 each. Their site is also jam-packed with information around NHS, Childcare, Rent Support and more..

I am still looking for something like this for brits.


Single Parent Deals

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