Useful Links


Gingerbread – Charity supporting single parent families

Turn2Us – Charity for supporting people when times get tough

Shelter – Charity helping people with housing advice and homelessness

StepChange – Debt Chairty – completely free advice and help

I was asked to share the following guide, called “Tax Debt and Mental Health​” which I have read in full and agree contains valuable, and accurate information if you have any concerns with debt, tax debt, and the impact on your mental health.

The Charities Listed Below are Personally Recommended. If you are a Philanthropist please support them!

Alternative Finance
Fredericks Foundation – Charity Womens Loan Fund

Purple Shoots – Charity offering small loans to give you a chance

and when business is going well….


Single Parent Deals

Single Parent Discrimination Survey – This survey is being conducted by the campaign for Single Parent Rights. The purpose of this survey is to collect data on discrimination faced by single parents to inform our campaign activities. It should take around ten minutes to complete. For more information on the campaign please visit