SMBN Founder Julie Hawkins

Julie set-up her business KIH Products Ltd in 2013, two years after she designed the KIH Bed when she was pregnant with her daughter in 2011.  For years Julie attended networking meetings and these were priceless with respect to the comradeship, support and encouragment from other small business owners.  The only issue that Julie has was that she could never attend anything in the evening, or early morning, living in relative poverty and embarassed to explain the childcare issues and expense that she was faced with.  Despite this she loved networking, but hated not being able to ‘give-back’ and so she slowly withdrew.

The crunch came when Julie paid £25 for a meeting, it was a lot of money, not really affordable, but a good chance of raising awareness of her business.  She spent the entire meeting listening to a talk on seperating your business from your spouse and what happens if the relationship breaks down with respect to shares and wills.  Whilst there was nothing wrong with the talk, it was not money or time well spent for Julie, and she wasn’t afforded the opportunity to share her business with the room, and so she left with the mindset that networking was desperately needed with single-mums in mind, and so as a seasoned necessity entrepreneur the Single Mums Business Network was born!

With focus on affordability the annual membership fee of £60 can be paid over 10 weeks or 12 months depending on the stage of business of the SMiB.  Whilst the SMBN is a business it is designed in such a way that the purpose of the income is to increase the ability to raise the profiles of its members.

You can read more about Julie’s personal jouney as a SMiB here.

KIH Products Ltd T/A Single Mums Business Network (SMBN)




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