We’re Exhibiting – at the Women in Business Expo!

Ladies we promised you exposure and exposure you shall have!  The SMBN are exhibiting at the Women in Business Expo..

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The Expo is at the Farnborough International Conference and Exhibition Centre on 16-17 October 2019 – and every time the SMBN gets a PR hit in the 6 months prior – so does its members!

That’s what we are about, we want you to succeed, we know that any new business is hard in the beginning, with budget, and to have a stand at an exhibition is sometimes so far out of reach, especially when you are a single mum building a business without any support – that’s why we have membership, so that we can exhibit on behalf of you all, and make sure that you are seen in every way possible throughout the term of your membership.  We have lots of plans for PR exposure – and this is just one of them.

Single Mums in Business we want to see you do well, driven by a difficult past as a single mum the SMBN is here to help you where help was once needed.  We want you to be able to use your skills and abilities to earn a good wage and enjoy a good standard of living, without compromising the most important job you will ever be honoured to have.  Our children are what we fight for, and fight for them we shall.


We’re just warming up SMiB (Single Mums in Business)

Helping You Help Yourself

Only You Can Stop You

we will not let their story end like this


This did say betwork before – apologies! and thank you Michelle at @MJMsolutions1 for excellence in proofreading and pointing that out to me!!

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