Kylie Rae The Mum Boss 2

This Kent based networking group is designed to help mums grow in confidence and be supported in following their dreams- while still being ‘Mum’!

We will be hosting monthly events (During School hours….!) with guest speakers and will also be running bespoke workshops in all things business. Through this page, and more so our Access All Areas networking group for all event attendees, we will help you make those 1-2-1 introductions between you and the people who will make your dream come alive. Our aim is to be a real beacon of light and support as you break free from the shackles of safety in the classic 9-5 jobs that restrict us and our creativity… A ‘single parent’ is so much more than just those two words and the cliché that follows it – it is time everyone started getting the credit they deserve. The Mum Boss

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