Welcome New Member – Lidia Peto – Holistic Personal Trainer

I would like to welcome Lidia Peto to the Single Mums Business Network.

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Lidia Peto New

#Never Give Up

#Believe In Yourself

Lidia is a passionate proud single mother, a holistic personal trainer, inspirational blogger, transformational life coach, mindfulness and gratitude advocate and travel enthusiast born and bred in South Africa.  Lidia always dreamt of achieving great things in life however, circumstances like bereavement, poverty, abuse and trauma changed her life dramatically and she ended up taking a different journey than the one she wanted or chose.

Her suffering has become her strength.  She will be sharing her story with us in greater detail later.  Watch this space!

You can connect with Lidia here:

Facebook * Twitter * Instagram * LinkedIn

And check out her EVENT  – Single Parents be Your Own Superhero!

I have no doubt of the calibre of Single Mums in the UK and the SMBN is here to ensure that these ladies get the recognition and exposure they deserve, and the best possible opportunity to succeed in enjoying their families and achieving financial freedom.

Lidia will now enjoy exposure to her business with every visit to the SMBN and associated PR.  Please don’t hesitate to join us if you are a Single Mum working hard to pay the bills alone, we are here to help you.  You are not alone x


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