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Single Mums Business Network aka SMBN – AE = Affordable Exposure – When you are a self-employed Single Mum in the UK finding a PR budget can be really hard, and so the SMBN is here to provide that crucial affordable platform, where you can gain exposure and connect with like minded hard-working women who are doing all that they can to achieve financial independence and enjoy family life.

The Single Mums Business Network welcomes ‘friends of the SMBN’ who also gain fantastic affordable exposure whilst supporting other women in business who do not have the support of a partner, and do not want to turn to rely on claiming support.


Conference September 11th Ross-on-Wye with great speakers from all over the UK here to uplift, advise and inspire any small business (see bottom of page).

If you are a new single mum & a little lost – join the network, we’ll help you find your way. If you’re a successful wealthy single mum in business – join the network and show your support whilst also enjoying comradeship.

We meet throughout the UK too – see the FB page events @smbnuk to keep up to date with these.

Created by Single Mums and Award Winning Business Women Julie Hawkins who knows first hand how hard it is when you can’t afford to take your child swimming, let alone spend £20 on a FB campaign, £100 on a small mag ad or £2K on an exhition. The SMBN is a collaboration and we are working with you, for you. For only £5 per month you will gain exposure via Expo’s, Conferences, In print advertising, National Magazine Exposure and Professional Media partnership.

Sponsorship Available – Please contact me if you would like to support this movement.

This is all about sisterhood. You can’t leave people to struggle in a society that makes it so hard to work in school hours for a wage that reflects living costs. In the past ‘I’, the founder, thought about giving up on life – desperately seeking well paid work (full-time and part-time) and desperately seeking affordable accommodation – I don’t want another women to have those thoughts becuase of lack of money. I would never give up on my child, but for some the strain is too much – Every person should be able to earn £100 a day in 5 hours. That covers rent, bills, and a ‘little’ money to save. And it’s not anti-men either. A happy wife makes a happy life and a happy woman makes a happy man. Let’s take the pressure off them.

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