Welcome new member, Sarah Harvey, SMBN County Coordinator for MERSEYSIDE

I would like to welcome Sarah Harvey – to the Single Mums Business Network. Sarah has taken on the role of County Coordinator for MERSEYSIDE! – Sarah is a very competent business woman and I am delighted that she is representing the SMBN in the City of LIVERPOOL and County of Merseyside!

Sarah has shared insight to her journey with me in the last couple of months and like many women she is at the planning stages of business, and so I am really pleased that she sees the benefits of joining the SMBN at this stage in her life and career. Sarah has a fantastic history and the perfect attitude to support our members. She has a large area to cover and no doubt the SMBN will keep her very busy! Here’s what she says:

I believe it is vital that women support, encourage and empower each other. We know what we are capable of and we know how to hold each other’s hands and have each other’s backs along the way.

I spent many years ensuring the students I taught believed in themselves and understood that I believed in them as well, and so they went on to succeed. I now tell my daughter the same. She is very clearly aware that ‘this girl can.’

Twitter Handle: @sarahhd1 – other handles to be added shortly x

I will be joining Sarah for her first meeting in Merseyside in November – see our Events on Facebook and our Events page on here for details!


I have been blown away by supporters who are not single parents themselves but who choose to support the SMBN, they help us gain exposure and help reduce stigma. Single Mums are just hard-working women, sometimes in business, who no longer have a husband at home.. I would especially like to thank Marie Hall of Empowerment House for introducing Sarah to the SMBN.

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