Working Flexibly – Ten2Two Director Tracey Adams Speaker at Gloucester SMBN Meeting

Ten2Two felxible and part-time working Director Tracey Adams is speaking at the Single Mums Business Network Event in Gloucester, for Mums working in sync with school.
Tracey Adams – Director Ten2Two Recruitment

I don’t normally do a blog for events and speakers but what Tracey does is SO important that I want to introduce her and Ten2Two properly, and explain my passion.

Whilst many of us are business women because we have a product or service to share, many of us are in business as a desperate measure to work without having to deal with childcare costs and stress before and after school and for 10 (ish) weeks of the year during holidays. Especially Single Parents (and those who feel that they are single) where they cannot share the responsibility of childcare. Moreover for me personally it wasn’t just the childcare but the fact that my maternal instincts and my child’s needs were just too important and so I was determined to find a way to work in a way that enabled me to breastfeed her as long as she wanted and be at parent assemblies until she understood why I may not be there. It’s easier now she’s 7, but I still try and work around school as much as possible. So that we can talk and connect on a daily basis.

Even before I became a mum whilst I was often in the office until 7pm voluntarily for many years I, and my colleagues struggled with strict 9-5 presenteeism. You will see my earlier blog about Man-made Manslaughter (so many RTA’s in rush hour as people are tired / under pressure / desperate to get home).

There are a number of fantastic agencies in the UK now specialising in flexible and part-time working. Ten2Two, 9to3, Capability Jane, Flexmatters, Working Mums, 2to3days etc and I link to many of these in my earlier blog. Their work is so important in helping reframe our work culture, helping to reduce stress, accidents, sick-leave, staff turnover and ability to deal with personal issues outside of the office.

Tracey has agreed to join us at our Single Mums in Business Meeting in Gloucester (Barnwood) on 8th November to talk about Ten2Two, her 20 year history in Marketing and her own family being the driving force behind her taking control of her own flexible working needs. Tracey completely understands what it is to have a very strong work ethic but be torn when our dependents need us.

Over the past 7 years as I have worked hard not to give up on my business I have worked part-time and full-time and there is nothing wrong with doing what you can to achieve a stable income whilst growing your business as an extra income. Life would be so much easier if we could all work 20 hours for somebody in sync with school so that there would be little need to apply for tax refunds and other benefits but society is still so intent on holding back primary carers and giving us the only option to work in low skilled jobs for pay well beneath our skillset. Thank Goodness for the recruitment agencies working so hard to find real jobs for real pay that enable us to do what nature intended outside of earning our own money.

You can visit Ten2Two HERE

and you can book into our Gloucester meeting HERE

Julie Hawkins and Kirstie Preece
Single Mums Business Network Gloucester
Me and Kirsty look forward to welcoming you x

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