Welcome new member, Sherisha Richards – Gingerbread Local Support Group Coordinator

I am a single mum of a beautiful daughter. It has been extremely challenging to balance my career and parenthood. I am still striving for the perfect balance. I like to say I’ve been winging it since 2011.

I am passionate about supporting, inspiring, connecting and empowering single parents. I have developed a parent support group in my local area through Gingerbread the single parent charity. Single parents have  voices that need to be heard and I want to enable this through ths group. Also to dispel myths about single parents and to show that we can contribute positively to society. 

I met Sherisha at the SMBN Worcesteshire Meeting and I am so pleased that she has joined us as a member. She is a real asset to the SMBN, Gingerbread and to her local community and is selfless in using her time and energy in bringing Single Mums together in an uplifting support network.

Here is the LINK to Sherisha’s FB Group Page

To come to the Worcestershire SMBN event book here


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