Welcome New Member – Val Hood. Evidential Medium. Australia and UK

I am delighted to welcome Val Hood, Evidential Medium, to the SMBN. Val is a perfect example of why it is so important for a family to manage on a single income so that women are not trapped in abusive relationships. Val is from the UK but now lives in Australia and offers workshops and readings in person as well as via Skype. Val is in the UK March 2020.

Here’s what Val says;

I had an ideal vision of what a marriage was like, and vowed I would stay married forever.  However things did not work out that way.  

In my first marriage, I had 2 children, no financial or emotional support. One day the children and I had to sit in front of the tumble dryer to get heat as he had gone to work with the car, I had no money and could not get any fuel.  I walked away from this marriage after 11 years.  

I married for the second time, and like a lot of men the mask was in place, but soon slipped. 

I was pregnant with my third child and got made redundant.  So I set up my own secretarial business. Obviously starting up a new business is hard but he did not support or help financially or emotionally. 

I had to borrow money from him to buy groceries on occasion but had to pay every penny back!  What was mine was his and what was his was his! 

He was demanding, violent and abusive and I had to bring my 3 children up myself.  I put them all through the best schools I could get them in to and then through university, again without any help. 

I tried to leave, but having visited women’s refuge, was told that I would have to walk away and leave everything behind. As I had brought everything from my previous home and his input was nothing so I stupidly made the decision to stay and stuck it out until it was totally unbearable. 

I always said that if any man hit me I would leave immediately, but when I realised there was no support or help available to me it was impossible so I was forced to remain in that relationship, bringing my 3 kids up witnessing all I went through which in turn has caused them all issues.

During all this I had built my secretarial business up.  I had also been training to become a Medium. I then changed my business over to teaching & demonstrating Mediumship Internationally.  I now live in Australia and travel worldwide doing what I love with people I love. 

Val is such a strong and brave lady and she is now free from abuse, and so she joins the SMBN and shares her story to help others, to help reduce stigma, and to help raise awareness of the reality that is still so traumatic for so many.


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