Welcome New Member, Carly Wheeler, Trainee Tattoo Artist, TJT

I am delighted to welcome Carly to the Single Mums Business Network. It is so easy to judge a Single Mum, and many still do… 18 months ago Carly was happily married with a young child and a baby on the way, and then tragedy struck….

Tom Wheeler was a loving husband and doting father. He and Carly had agreed that she would stop working to be a full-time mum to their two children. He had been to work and was walking home less than a mile away, but a fatal RTA meant that he never made it.

Carly immediately fell into the horrible world of needing to apply for support, with judgy looks as she pushed her buggy with a growing bump, and letters from the tax office fining her late husband for not filling in his tax return, despite numerous calls and letters the trauma and stress on top of grief was more than any woman should endure.

She gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and slowly learned how to live again, and now with two beautiful children she can figure out how to work again.

With a passion for tatooing and following in her late husband’s footsteps Carly is now training to be a tattoo artist, and the SMBN will hold her hand and support her growth for this exciting new chapter ahead. We may all be sporting SMBN tattoos soon!

At the moment you can contact Carly via her FB page https://www.facebook.com/carlyj.wheeler and of course this will be updated as her business profile develops.

Thank you Carly for joining the SMBN. We will be the best professional sisterhood that can be.

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