I’m a Finalist! Woman Who Achieves Awards 2020 with Sandra Garlick MBE

Just in-case you didn’t see my post on Facebook, or Instagram, or Twitter, or Google, or LinkedIn, or if you didn’t see me skipping down the road! I have news… I’m a finalist! and yes I am celebrating it’s a really big deal..

I first applied for the Woman Who Achieves Awards in 2018 – and I didn’t get anywhere – you see I know that hundreds of incredible, amazing, inspirational women are nominated for these awards and so many nominees are deserving, that it’s a real compliment to make it past the starting line. It says that somebody you respect has had a look at your business model, what you have done to reach this point and that you are deserving of carrying their badge of honour moving forward. It’s great for business PR and a great way to network with women who know how to lift themselves up, and consequently want to see you lifted too!

When you are employed your work is recognised by pay rises or promotions; when you study your work is recognised by certificates or qualifications. When you are self-employed you need to share your efforts so that you can effectively submit your paper for marking, and for somebody to verify that you are working really hard. That is why I love awards, and that is why I do them via the SMBN too, it’s not about profit, it’s about lifting others as you have been lifted. We all need that.

If you are shy about putting yourself forward for an award, please don’t be, you have got to let people know what an effort you are making, and don’t hold back. If you want a stranger to connect with you you can’t send a single paragraph as your nomination, you have to open up and tell them all about you and your journey and your hopes and dreams. There are several leaders who provide awards platforms now, and not all of them are about profit, some of them are about paying it forward!

Business takes effort, a lot of it. Am I really blogging about this incase you missed my social media posts, or am I talking to the search engine in code? Of course I am, for me, and for Sandra, and for those of you who need help taking the next step. Sharing with love. Jules x

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