Welcome New Member – Danielle Fletcher – Certified Social Media Marketer, Facebook & Instagram Ads Strategist, Learn Digital With Danielle

I am delighted to welcome Danielle Fletcher, Certified Social Media Marketer, Facebook & Instagram Ads Strategist, Learn Digital With Danielle, to the Single Mums Business Network. We met at a recent Woman Who awards event in Coventry and made an immediate connection. If you are still shy about networking, please don’t be, once we have gotten through this pandemic there is little more wonderful than connecting with like-minded human beings. Here’s what Danielle says:

Hello, I’m Danielle from Leicester I’m a Certified Social Media Marketer, founder of Lively Social Media. The areas I am passionate about are coaching businesses how to use Instagram as a marketing tool, the foundations of social media and I’m a Facebook Ads Strategist (geek). 

Knowing my clients feel frustrated, overwhelmed, have little digital knowledge and confidence, I align my values to help train savvy business owners confidently in a non-jargon approach style coaching getting them to a place of comfort online and offline in their business and personal growth, while implementing visibility strategies to release the overwhelm and frustration. Throw in a pair of cheeky football mad boys age 4 and 7 into the mix…..this is my life.  

You can connect with Danielle via her Social Media Channels below:

Instagram @learndigitalwithdanielle

Facebook @learndigitalwithdanielle

LinkedIn Danielle Fletcher

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