Neesie, Facilitating Prosperity for Single Mums, Sponsors the ‘Acing Adversity’ catergory at the 2020 Single Mums Business Network Awards

Neesie is a grassroots community voluntary organisation that provides single mums and women with children a platform to prosper. 

NEESIE is a unique concept which provides supportive friendships and help for single mothers. Many circumstances bring a single mother to experience basic needs beyond the capabilities of her life to solve. Our aim is to care for those whose physical and emotional resources are absent. Single mothers and their children wake up to these realities daily and many have inadequate support structures and with the limited, almost non-existent support, we provide a fundamental support network that becomes a life line to some individuals.

Neesie is delighted and excited in working closer with the Single Mums Business Network and in particular, becoming a sponsor at their awards event later this year. The opportunity of working together on a platform that shares similar ambitions of gaining maximum exposure and support to single mums is a great initiative.  At Neesie, we advocate for alleviating the stressors upon the public purse and resonate with the strategy formed by Julie Hawkins, founder of SMBN.

We believe that the strength in this partnership will help us in our policy development and research work with Government Ministers and Policy Think Tanks to become the sources of information for single mums, raising much needed voice and concern to policy makers. Together we see strength in being able to challenge the Government to make fairer policy decisions if they really want to achieve economic prosperity for a vital community, Single Mums.

Neesie Director, Noreen Khan, joined the SMBN in 2019 and has been carefully observing internal practice before deciding to pledge her support and alliance with the SMBN.

I am delighted that we can now combine our knowledge and expertise and further support those who are otherwise largely unrecognised.

The SMBN Awards event is an excellent reminder of the power and influence that Single Mums have in the economic sphere.  It is an opportunity to reward and recognise their tenacity and their hard work and determination. It is therefore fitting that a BAME organisation, supporting thousands of single mums in the North of England has chosen to sponsor an event. We are delighted to inform you that the Director of Neesie, Noreen Khan will also be speaking at the event and will be shining a light of how her organisation is Acing Adversity in the North.   

Due to Covid-19, it has not been possible to continue with the National Awards for Single Mums in Business, and those who support us, on May 23rd as planned. 

I can confirm that these awards will now be held, on Saturday 21st November, at 5pm, at the same venue. Buy tickets to join us HERE

For more information on the Awards, our sponsors and sponsorship opportunities visit

You can see all of our Members HERE, or see them by Category of SOCIAL, MONEY, BUSINESS SERVICES and PERSONAL. Please also see the ‘Friends of the SMBN’ HERE. Their support is crucial to help us all gain enough exposure to sustain our businesses.

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