Exposure in The Lady Magazine was just ONE of the ways SMBN members have benefitted from otherwise unaffordable exposure as a result of paying just £5 per month!
I don’t mind questions of value as it puts a flame in my belly to reiterate the back breaking work that I am doing to try and help fellow SMiBs!
The £60 annual membership – that is paid in arrears at £5pcm covers only one cost – and that is the time I spend setting up the member’s business card, setting up on the website, SEO optimisation and introduction blog post shared to my network across FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google & Insta.. in three hours that fee is spent! – the rest is dynamite!

Here is what benefits members have received in the last 12 months:

🔥 FREE lifetime membership to another national UK network for women in business.
💥 FREE freelancer course.
👊 75% discount to Women’s Business Conference.
🔥Thousands of printed brochures = Exposure at NEC Expo, Exposure at Farnborough Expo, Bristol Expo and other smaller events and leaflet drops 💪. Value £££ thousands – Incusion in the quarterly SMBN Mag is never upsold – normally a tiny ad in these mags would be £60 at least – members get to share their voice & biz included in membership!
💥 Exposure to Lady Mag Readers via full page ad.
💥 Interviews with BBC Radio, National Newspapers and ITV News (just scroll down the last 12 months to see!)
Professional PR fees paid to help with national PR
👉 Free Award Entry to National Single Mums in Business Awards 2020
💥 CRUCIALLY – members are not only increasing their chances of being seen but they are actively helping a #sister
👉 Half-price meetings, to recommence in Sept, and since Covid I offered FREE meetings via Zoom EVERY Week, offering my brains to pick & listen to whatever was going on.

The SMBN has been created out of my own long journey of begging for exposure for my business, celebrities, single parent charities, expos, and being locked out of expensive networking and awards. The SMBN is here to help you, not capitalise at your expense.

As a member you MUST be proactive in making your own ** happen. I work full-time across 5 channels and use all of my biz income and my disposable work income to help other women not repeat my hell. This should never be doubted.

For years I have explored networks, awards, pr and in-print advertising and I do not want any mum fighting solo with a child depending on her to make the same mistakes and have it as hard as I have.

I will do what I can – but I cannot do it all. Social media is FREE – use it, and I’ll help with the rest!

Of course there is a LOT more – but I can’t think of that right now!

For our children, we work together, for change, for a better life. PARENTING SHOULD NOT CARRY A FINANCIAL PENALTY, We NEED to create tomorrow’s carers, nurses, shopkeepers, vets, cleaners, administrators ETC. We have to continue the life cycle! and we SHOULD not be dismissed for doing it!

Point made?!? Sharing with LOVE, as always 💕

We love our ‘Friends of the SMBN’ too – who also gain very cheap annual exposure to their businesses and support us at the same time 🙏

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