Welcome New ‘Friend of the SMBN’ – Fiona Scott of Scott Media – Journalism, Public Relations and Media

I am delighted to welcome Fiona Scott, of Scott Media, as a Friend of the SMBN’ I have known Fiona for a number of years and have worked with her when she helped me launch the business and I am so proud that she has joined as a friend, to further support the network. Fiona Scott is a journalist of more than 30 years’ experience and has run her own media consultancy for the last 12 years, working with business large and small. She offers both training and service delivery in PR, marketing strategy, animation, videography & social media management. She started her career in newspapers and Hospital Radio, went into television and has worked on programmes including The One Show, Flog It!, Dispatches & 100s of regional tv programmes. She set up her own business and now is a PR/journalist hybrid.

At home, Fiona is married to Steve and they have four children, aged between 26 and 13 (2020).Here’s how to contact her;

Website https://scottmedia.uk

Facebook Handle:www.facebook.com/PRWiltshire

Twitter Handle: @thefionascott

Linkedin Handle:https://www.linkedin.com/in/thefionascott/

Phone Number: 07789270030

Single Mums Business Conference 2023- Speaker Spotlight

I am delighted to introduce Jhumar Johnson as one of our carefully selected speakers for the 2023 ‘single mums business conference’. Designed to help women, specifically single parents, with work, enterprise and wellbeing.

Welcome New Member, Nina Farr, to the Single Mums Business Network. Nina is a Leadership Coach & Mentor, TEDx Speaker, Author of ‘I am the Parent Who Stayed’, and there’s more! Read on…

I am delighted to welcome Nina Farr, to the Single Mums Business Network, aka SMBN. You really need to visit Nina’s website to fully appreciate the scope of her offerings, from coaching, HR Support, her own Cluster Mothers Membership group, her book, and much more. Here is what Nina says;

Member Impact Story – Claire Harris – Pets2Places

Thank you to SMBN member Claire for submitting our first official Impact Story! The Single Mums Business Network [SMBN] was set-up in 2019 to help single mums with work, enterprise and wellbeing, with a strong focus on positive mental health and economic impact…

Welcome New Member, Claire Standen, Coach, Speaker and Activist, to the SMBN

Welcome New Member, Claire Standen, Coach, Speaker and Activist, to the SMBN. Claire is a coach and therapist helping entrepreneurial and professional women break the generational curse of ‘never enough’ so that they can build businesses, relationships and family lives that light them up. Read more..

The BOOK – Single Mum & 21st Century Peasant – Breaking out of Benefits Jail.

The BOOK – Single Mums & 21st Century Peasant – Breaking out of Benefits Jail, is coming soon! I have held a number of webinars to address barriers to adequate work, homes and finance, and consequential benefits. This book shares my own journey as a Single Mum and self-proclaimed 21st Century Peasant, as I share…

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