Existing Member – New Business! Take a look at Indigo Jo – Fine Jewellery

I love to watch my members evolve and grow, in life and in business! Jo joined the SMBN in 2019 when she was utilising her skills as a VA, but moving to Devon helped ignite her real passion as she and her daughter spent hours collecting shells from the beach!. Read all about Jo and visit her shop HERE

I am sure you will agree Jo’s collection and craft is truly stunning. Jo joined the SMBN to support what it stands for and help other single mums in business by joining our collaborative voice, and tomorrow she is being interviewed by ITV News as a result of trusting us, without panicking about ‘what was in it for her’. When a member is part of the SMBN she will always benefit when the opportunity arises.

Jo is also currently running a GoFundMe campaign to try and help her Dad who has been diagnosed with colorectal cancer and has been fighting various treatments since 2018. A drug called Avastin could help him but it isn’t provided for on the NHS, so her family are asking for any donations to help him get it privately – here is the campaign page https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-martin-with-cancer-treatment

You can find Indigo Jo on Facebook HERE and Instagram HERE – Please support her in any way you can, even if it’s just a like or share!

Members enjoy exposure to their business with every visit to the SMBN and associated PR.  Please don’t hesitate to join us if you are a Single Mum working hard to pay the bills alone, we are here to help you.  You do not have to be a single mum to join, we have friends of the SMBN too. Every time a new member joins she is not only helping herself but helping every other member and friend of the SMBN, we welcome you x

I have no doubt of the calibre of Single Mums in the UK and the SMBN is here to ensure that these ladies get the recognition and exposure they deserve, and the best possible opportunity to succeed in enjoying their families and achieving financial freedom.