Welcome New Member – Pollyanna England, Money Mindset Coach and Founder of Nirvana Investors – Ethical Investors helping people get their foot back on the property ladder!

I met Pollyanna earlier this year, and have not stopped recommending her to potential investors and clients since. What she is doing is a real lifeline for many, and I am so delighted that she has now decided to join the SMBN as a member! Here is what Pollyanna says:

I’m so happy to become a member of this network. My name is Pollyanna, I have three amazing children now all grown and I am Pollynana to my grandchildren. I thought I was going to semi-retire last year, but life had other ideas! I am a money mindset coach who launched another business in October to help people who are stuck in rental accommodation due to challenging circumstances. The company is Nirvana Investors.

This was all triggered by a very dear friend of mine being attacked by her partner during the first lockdown and fleeing with her two young girls, finding herself trapped in a tiny rental with no landlord giving her the opportunity to move as covid had affected her business. This motivated me to find another way. My company went on to buy her a house which she now lives in and will be able to buy it in the future. She is safe and has a plan.

Another family have moved into their dream home thanks to this strategy and we have a woman who has suffered domestic abuse from her partner house hunting at the moment. This is all possible by the assistance of investors that have a big heart and want their money to make a difference as well as some interest.

We also share how to get a mortgage especially if you are self-employed with a course called Steps to Home Ownership and we have a membership for people who have always wanted to get into property but don’t know where to start. I have a property portfolio and help other people especially women to gain the confidence to invest in property too. The reason I do everything that I do is because my start in life was not the best, we had very little money and as I grew up I knew I didn’t want to be poor. It had been a great motivator, life took me on a journey and I ended up in a mansion with an indoor swimming pool, holiday home and 4 trips abroad a year, as well as gala balls, horse racing and fine dining in the top restaurants of the world.

After a very bitter divorce I raised my children to be kind, considerate and caring with a voice and personal boundaries; this is actually the one achievement I am most proud of. Now they are grown my mission is to help women become financially independent so they make the best choices to secure the future for themselves and their children.

I have put the links to Pollyanna’s websites in the text above, but you can also click through here:

Home – Nirvana Investors

Pollyanna England | Building Money Confidence – London, Hertfordshire

and this is why I am so passionate about what Pollyanna is doing:

If you have a look at the very quick diagram below you can see the reality of the price you pay for being unable to find a deposit and switch from rent to mortgage. It affects the entire economy and future generations. Now this is a layman diagram and I welcome a version that considers inflation on both properties, but you get the jist! Pollyanna needs investors to help millions of us locked in rental and destined to struggle in our 80’s. Thank you!

Pollyanna England, Nirvana Investors

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