Welcome New Member – Kari Sherman, Founder of Tom Pom Organic Baby Food – to the SMBN.

I am delighted to welcome Kari Sherman, Co-founder and Managing Director of Tom Pom Organic to the Single Mums Business Network. Kari’s range looks simply mouth watering and I am very excited to be able to support her by helping to raise awareness of her biz.

Here’s what Kari says;

Hello! I am Kari, a single mum of two boys aged 14 and 18. I am an American that has happily been here over 22 years; the UK is where I feel at home – I love it. My ex who I co-parent with is Spanish, so my boys are lucky to have 3 passports! My youngest, Tommy, had severe food allergies when he was born, and all the baby food available from the shops looked nasty and often contained something he could not have. The nights cooking in tears as I navigated his food allergies, lack of sleep along with my energetic 4 year old at the time with really no other support or family was hard. Really hard. Things have changed, and though I have a new partner, he lives near Chichester, and we want to raise our kids near their other parent and friends instead of merging families. He has encouraged me to follow my dream and start Tom Pom Organic baby food which was founded in 2018 as a weaning solution for parents who value nutritional transparency and want something closer to home-made meals. We manufacture our products as quality and minimal processing is essential to maintaining those gorgeous natural flavours and colours from quality ingredients. I also love to blog about being an eco-family (always with an economical eye), an allergy family and of course weaning tips and family recipes. Outside of work, I love Pilates, walking in the woodlands, basketball (I am 6ft tall), and anything food, property and travel related. I am looking forward to meeting other hard working single mums, hearing their stories, supporting each other and hopefully having some fun too!

You can visit Kari’s website here: https://www.tompomorganic.com/products/

her Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/tompomorganic

and her Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/tompomorganic/

I have no doubt about the calibre of single mums in the UK, and the SMBN is proud to showcase so many capable, smart and intelligent women who are working hard to create and sustain businesses to enable them to sustain primary caring responsibilities at the same time. The SMBN is not anti Single Dads – please see the website’s front page for male only networks for dads!

Welcome Kari to the Single Mums Business Network! and thank you for helping us educate public perception and dispel misconceptions and stereotyping about UK single mums. We appreciate you.

Friend of the SMBN Carol McIntyre – Founder of Exec Pro VA – A Welcome Renewal!

It is always lovely to welcome a new member or new friend to the SMBN, but it’s something extra special when a member has a break then re-joins, or renews their membership. It’s a real pleasure to extend a warm second welcome to Carol McIntyre, after her confirmation of renewal of being part of what we are so proud to be. A force for good.

So, for those of you who don’t know about Carol or Exec Pro VA – here’s a little snippet:

Aaaaand, we’re off!

Aaaaand, we’re off!

The SMBN Single Mums Business Network 2022 Awards are officially OPEN for entries! Read more…

Cost of Living Crisis – How the Government are trying to step up.

I say step-up, and not help, because they should have stepped up a long time ago. I have always said that the cost of living outweighs inflation and that we have, for our entire lives, trusted that our tax is used for the right reasons, but it has been like observing a solicitor who has been given a trust fund live a very comfortable life on it and giving the beneficiary peanuts instead of the intended income….

So, today, the Chancellor, as a result of outcry and pressure, sadly not through genuine understanding, has announced the following:


Categories announced for the SMBN 2022 Awards…

Categories this year are:
Campaigner of the Year
Acing Adversity Award
Super Start-up
Community Champion
Excellence in Customer Care
Employer of the Year
SMBN Champion of the Year
Best Corporate Responsibility
Best Innovation Award
Best Business Marketing

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Welcome ‘Friend of the SMBN’, Charlotte Webb, Principle at Castle Green Financial Planning

I am delighted to officially welcome Charlotte to the SMBN as a ‘Friend’, being a friend of the SMBN means that you benefit from the exposure on-line and in print whilst supporting our quest to make work work as single parents. We appreciate every friend of the SMBN as, with their actions, they demonstrate they support our work and mission, whilst enabling us to support theirs. Here is a little about Charlotte:

Small Business – Big Difference! In this interview with Alison Cork we discuss how she champions female entrepreneurs, is passionate about healthy living, and how she has now launched a Viral Campaign for the UK Small Business Community to Donate £1 each to support Ukraine Appeal..

Just wow! You know that question that often pops up – if you could choose just a few people to have dinner with, well, Alison Cork would certainly be on my list, she is an absolute powerhouse, doer, thinker, entrepreneur and all round great lady to support, motivate, inspire, whilst knowing how to pull something out of the bag in an absolute humanitarian crisis to help us all so SOMETHING, when we may feel we can do nothing!

2022 – The Year of the Single Parent!

2022 – The Year of the Single Parent!

I have it on good authority! Things are changing for us, we are raising awareness of, and challenging, genuine barriers that feed negative public perception. We are making it okay to be single, and a parent! We are not ashamed, we are celebrating a future where relationships are only about love, and not about necessity, we are showing our children that

It’s official! Purple Shoots Responsible Finance Raising Funds to Specifically Support SMBN Members! and we are so grateful!

This is Mike and Karen, from Purple Shoots, receiving flowers at this years’ Single Mums Business Network Awards, in gratitude for having faith not only in me (Jules), but in a handful ofContinue reading “It’s official! Purple Shoots Responsible Finance Raising Funds to Specifically Support SMBN Members! and we are so grateful!”

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