Welcome New Member – Nicola Booth, Founder, Director, and Chair of Trustees – Single Parents Support and Advice Services aka SPSAS

I am beyond pleased to welcome Nicola Booth, of Single Parents Support and Advice Services, to the SMBN. Nicola and I connected when I did THE BIG EVENT, for Single Parents Day 2021, and we all know that actions speak louder than words, so the fact that she has since joined so that we can support each others empires and in turn further support the parents we support warms my heart in so many ways.

When I set up the SMBN in 2019 letting single parents know about it was a huge challenge, as I approached other single parent organisations to help me spread the word this was declined unless I could commit to £5k per year donation, as a single parent trying to help others this was devastating, and so to now be able to shout out about other single parent organisations, and help spread the word about what is out there is SO important, and it demonstrates that we must work together for the greater good.

Here is what Nicola says:  I became a single mum in 2012 and felt others must be feeling like I did, isolated and lonely. I founded and run Single Parents Support and Advice Services. Our aim is to unite single parents as a community and offer support and advice in a safe setting. All our services are free. We also run social events on-line and in person. We offer advice in a lot of areas and also help with food and energy payments of funding allows.

You can visit Nicola’s website HERE and you can find SPSAS on Facebook HERE – on Twitter HERE, on Instagram HERE, and on LinkedIn HERE!

Their work is SO impressive, actively raising donations and using the money to help those in most desperate need. I know how easy it is to not be able to afford food and bills as a single income household as you navigate the work barriers to do all that you can. My heart goes out to every parent in need and I respect the active work of SPSAS

I have no doubt of the calibre of single parents in the UK and we have a lot of work to do to dispel misconceptions around work ethic, appearance, intelligence and lifestyle of the single parent, I am proud to showcase via the SMBN so many women working so hard to make work work and ensure they are not stuck in a permanent state of relative poverty. Some members turn over six figures and some are early stages of business turning over less than their electric bill. Please visit our member directory to find a product or service near you.

You can read our latest magazine online for free or buy the hard copy here and exposure in this mag is INCLUDED in membership. You do not have to be a single mum to benefit from / or support this. You can join as a friend regardless of sex or status and do your bit to support the work of the SMBN to help others. Thank you for reading, and welcome Nicola to the SMBN x

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