From MEH to Magnificent! Ways to grow through student life. By Sarah Harvey

I am so excited for SMBN member Sarah who has today published her book on Amazon – From MEH to Magnificent! Ways to grow through student life.

I have had a front row seat for the past two years as Sarah has developed her courses, piloted in private secondary schools and with true relentless tenacity has not given up on her commitment to support the education sector with her experience, advice and expertise, and now she has published a book too, to directly help the students directly or via schools or parents who purchase this book. I had the pleasure of reading it and it is a visual stress free delight, that punches to the point and engages and educates your brain without exhausting you. Please click the link below to purchase via the SMBN website. You can order 1 or 1000, depending on how many students you have to help!

When wellbeing is so important don’t even think about it.

With gratitude and pride. Jules x

Click the link below 👇👇👇

Jules and Sarah in Liverpool pre-pandemic!

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