SMBN Member Claire, Founder of Pets2Places, welcomes first franchisee, Nicola Hughes, who is now operating the Pets 2 Places pet taxi service in Solihull

Solihull is the first place to have a Pets 2 Places pet taxi service franchise.

Nicola Hughes has come from a background of childminding and swim kids instructor, and with her own menagerie of animals at home, a pet taxi is the perfect opportunity.

Nic who turned 50 last year is really excited to start the service in her own area. I love animals and I’m great with people, with my background I have a lot of experience with working with all sorts of people so this seemed the ideal opportunity for me.

Already a success after only a few weeks, Nic has found her customers come in all shapes and sizes. ‘One lady I have helped is housebound so I take just the dogs to the vets, when the vet gave medication in a tiny syringe, the owner said she wouldn’t be able to do this as she has arthritis and can’t manage the syringe, it’s ok though I’m happy to help give the medication every day, whatever we can do to help our customers we do. It isn’t really going above and beyond it’s just being a good kind person’

Whether it’s vets, groomers, kennels, over to visit friends or even on holiday; Pets 2 Places Solihull is on hand to help owners with their pets where ever they need to go.

‘I think I’ve finally found my dream job, its a pleasure to be able to help people with their pets, and the customers are so grateful, its really nice to hear how much of a difference I’m making in their life just by offering a small amount of help’

One customer said ‘I needed to get my cat to the vets in an emergency, she hasn’t been eating or drinking for almost 24 hours, I was so worried how I would get there, but the vets gave me the number for Pets 2 Places, it was so easy to book and Nic was really nice, even carried the cat to the car for me. Sadly my cat didn’t make it but having Nic to help me, just made it a bit less stressful’

If you need a pet taxi in Solihull or the surrounding areas, give Nic a call on 07549007268 or pop over to our website

Message from SMBN: We congratulate Claire on her franchise success and are proud to support her business and her franchisees with maximum PR support.

Our ethos – No person should fight solo. We all have the ability to lift others. We are stronger together.

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