Small Business – Big Difference! In this interview with Alison Cork we discuss how she champions female entrepreneurs, is passionate about healthy living, and how she has now launched a Viral Campaign for the UK Small Business Community to Donate £1 each to support Ukraine Appeal..

Just wow! You know that question that often pops up – if you could choose just a few people to have dinner with, well, Alison Cork would certainly be on my list, she is an absolute powerhouse, doer, thinker, entrepreneur and all round great lady to support, motivate, inspire, whilst knowing how to pull something out of the bag in an absolute humanitarian crisis to help us all do SOMETHING, when we may feel we can do nothing!

In this interview (which we had pre-planned to discuss Alison’s entrepreneurial journey, fitness, and how she helps and plans to continue helping us all), we not only discuss Alison, Make it Your Business, The British Library and…. Sugar, but we have also used the interview to raise awareness of this incredible campaign that we can all support as a small business community..

Alison has great knowledge of the UK business infrastructure, and with 5.6 million UK small businesses, had a clear vision that we only needed to donate a single pound each, to collectively raise near to 6 million pound to support the Ukraine Humanitarian Effort. Alison is well educated and knew that she would want this support to be realised via the British Red Cross, as they ensure that 95% fees go to the intended recipient. With that, Alison very quickly gained the support the Daily Mail, who, via their Mail Force Charity are running the Ukraine Appeal to provide much needed money to charities giving aid including shelter, clothes, and food to refugees who need it most. This is being delivered through the British Red Cross and CARE International.

Just £1 – that is all it takes to be part of making a massive difference. We (the Single Mums Business Network) have pledged to donate that for every SMBN member for three months, February, March, and April. You can donate your £1 here – and mention that you are donating as part of the ‘Small Business Initiative’.

AND… it is a time of raw and high emotion, and it has been evident on social media platforms that many are uncomfortable with promoting their biz at a time of crisis, but we know that business is work, and work must continue, however superficial that feels, because we all need to continue to pay the bills and income cannot stop, most of us are not that wealthy to pause for a few months, and with this incredible understanding the Daily Mail are also supporting as many of us as they can with exposure throughout this campaign to in turn support us, for trying our best to support others.

It is a time to be kind to ourselves, be kind to each other, do what we can in the moment whilst not forfeiting tomorrow. So please donate, please do something if you can do nothing, and please know that we are grateful that work here can continue, as we do not bury ourselves and let others fight solo.

Please listen to the full interview below. Alison is a diamond, oh, and did I mention she’s at No.10 with the PM tomorrow! (for International Women’s Day) I have of course put a request in!

Jules x

Jules SMBN interviews Alison Cork Make it Your Business

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