Welcome ‘Friend of the SMBN’, Katie Phillips, The School of Self Love

The Empowered Feminine Approach To Dating

When it comes to preparing midlife single women to be ready to receive their ‘one’ and enjoy an empowered relationship – our friend Katie Phillips is your gal.

Katie is a master at guiding women through the inner work that’s required to experience a shift in their external circumstances. She is a Women’s Empowerment Master Coach, Love & Dating Mentor and Divine Masculine / Feminine Embodiment Guide.

She founded The School of Self Love more than a decade ago and started that business while both single parenting a toddler and diving deep into her own personal healing journey. The growth of herself and her business happened side-by-side and it was her personal experience of this that ignited her passion to support single women to have empowered relationships with themselves and their significant other.

“My biggest pain point for a long time was relationships. I came to know that my relationship with me was the key to unlocking so much happiness in multiple other areas of my life. It was the key to taking my business to 6 figures and it was the key to calling in my soul mate, best friend and husband”

During the Pandemic in 2020 Katie created the ‘Meet Your Soul Mate’ 5 day experience. A free online event that has since changed the lives of thousands of single women from all over the world. 

Over 5 days Katie personally guides women through a process to boost self confidence, self trust and self worth – consider it a crash course in self love and feminine empowerment.

You will learn how to switch on your individual magnetism and remember just how loveable and worthy of love you are! 

Katie believes it’s imperative to your dating success to consciously and intentionally prepare yourself for the relationship you desire. Without that preparation, you are very likely to be repeating patterns in relationship that are not serving you as well as attracting in dates with people that are not the right fit. 

“As an energetic being, your work is to become the vibrational match to the person you are calling in and this is initially a journey home to yourself”, says Katie.

Katie doesn’t teach dating gimmicks, tricks or strategies. Instead, she guides you within – to explore what beliefs, habits, behaviours and emotions might be blocking you from receiving and enjoying the relationship you deserve.

The next 5-day ‘Meet Your Soul Mate’ event starts on Monday 27th June and you can register for free here : 

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Katie believes that if you desire to be in a relationship, your person is looking for you too. Your only job is to clear the way for the two of you to meet and this free event can show you how!

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