Welcome ‘Friend of the SMBN’, Caron Kipping, Divorce & Separation Coach

Caron Kipping: Divorce and Separation Coach

Specialist in domestic abuse recovery… because life is too short to be unhappy

About Caron

Caron is a Divorce Coach specialising in supporting people in abusive and controlling relationships or dealing with post-separational abuse.

Caron supports women (yes, and men) with many issues such as recognising abusive behaviour, conflict around child contact, Family Court issues, and financial abuse. Caron also offers guidance to help you move on – dating after abusive relationships, rebuilding confidence and setting goals for the future.

Caron is happily re-married (the proof there is life afterwards!) and works part-time as an accredited Divorce Coach and part-time at The Dash Charity domestic abuse charity where she has worked for many years as a domestic abuse specialist (or Independent Domestic Violence Advocate if you want the long version) and has worked there in several roles over the years, supporting survivors in high-risk abusive relationships and educating professionals on how to respond better.

Caron is passionate about raising awareness and is often found on a podcast or being interviewed to offer her viewpoint or advice on abusive relationships.

Please visit Caron’s lovely website and read more here: https://caronkippingcoaching.com/

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