Friend of the SMBN Carol McIntyre – Founder of Exec Pro VA – A Welcome Renewal!

Carol McIntyre – Founder of Exec Pro VA

It is always lovely to welcome a new member or new friend to the SMBN, but it’s something extra special when a member has a break then re-joins, or renews their membership. It’s a real pleasure to extend a warm second welcome to Carol McIntyre, after her confirmation of renewal of being part of what we are so proud to be. A force for good.

So, for those of you who don’t know about Carol or Exec Pro VA – here’s a little snippet:


Supporting our neurodivergent clients  by unleashing their awesomeness 

we’re passionate about sharing our knowledge and providing tailored support for business owners who may have a different style of working 


  • take minutes of meetings – never forget a name again as we minute and transcribe it in easy bullet point format for you 
  • need a body double? We will sit with you remotely, wherever you are in the world and help you work through those pesky boring tasks – we will sit quietly or if preferred have a laugh and bash things out with you – whatever it is you need, we are there for you 
  • we have a professional copywriter on hand to help read through any research documentation or proofread it for you 
  • need some research – let us do it for you 
  • out and about and afraid you’ll forget something – ping us a message and we’ll make sure you remember by keeping track for you 

Why choose Carol? 

Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you I’m one of the most compassionate, caring people you will ever meet. Me and the team are passionate about helping our clients thrive in whatever business they do. I’ve always prided myself on being super efficient with a ‘can do’ attitude and nothing is too much trouble. My clients know, all they need do is ask. I’ve managed offices for large corporations and had a successful EA career as well as mentoring teams of PA’s. I now run my own successful business and have an awesome team who work with me. We are all motivated because we value each others skills. It’s not all about work though, we have a lot of giggles along the way which makes us fun to work with. We understand the importance of giving fantastic customer service and our vast experience lets us know which systems and processes really work for you. Equally important, we are reliable, honest, flexible and fit in with our clients’ needs and everything we do is treated with the highest integrity and confidentiality. 

I am SO proud to have some really lovely members and friends of the SMBN, I love doing what I can to help them and I love to see them help each other. Want to join us? Just click here!

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