Happy 9th Birthday to KIH Products. The Company that led to the SMBN…

My baby, with the first stock of market ready KIH Beds!

Today is my company’s 9th birthday! KIH Products Ltd Most small businesses fail in the first 5 or 10 years, and I have always been fuelled with determination not to join those statistics. Although it would have been easier to jack in.

I am SO grateful for my journey; from identifying a gap in the market and supplying KIH Beds to professional practitioners and the #spa industry worldwide. I met a need despite being unable to meet my own needs.

The pain along the way made me set up the Single Mums Business Network in 2019 to try and address these barriers to homes, finance and work and to support other ladies to market THEIR product or service.

I have built an amazing relationship with Purple Shoots responsible finance, they know I believe in paying back, and they know I will support my members as much as possible, and so they pledged their support to members throughout the UK (not guaranteed!)

[meanwhile banks continue to break my ribs with their kicks as I lay on the floor bleeding]

I have secured Grants of £750 for many members as a referral partner for the Smallwood Trust. I refer them [my members] because they INVEST in themselves, they believe in the #SMBN mission, they fight to make work work. They do not ask ME to help them for free. They APPRECIATE that I am a single mum working hard too, and I don’t do victim mindsets. I don’t respect spending £2.50 on wine or lottery instead of membership.

I continue to work on, publish, pay for and distribute our A4 glossy mag for continued PR outside of what every person can generate for free on social media. I send these to politicians, DWP, press, radio, TV, everybody who can help make a change. Sometimes we are rewarded with airtime.

To succeed you have to FIGHT, you have to WORK, you have to SHOW UP. I have been doing that for ten years (nine according to companies house), and with my sisters I rise.

Every day there is a choice, wallow, or work…

Happy birthday to KIH. Est. 24.07.2013 – We did good 💞

Single Mums Business Network aka SMBN Single Mums Business Network [smbn] – For Women in Business, Self-Employed, and Professional Single Mums

KIH Products Pregnancy Massage Cushion KIH Bed – Lay on your front in pregnancy (wordpress.com)

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