Welcome New Member – Rachael Namiiro – Founder of Billdup (use bill payments to improve your credit score), to the SMBN!

I am delighted to welcome Rachael Namiiro to the Single Mums Business Network. Rachael founded Billdup, following her own experience post separation, of the reality of an absent credit score if your bills are paid via your partner. Here is what she says;

‘Hi, I’m the founder of Billdup, a new start-up in the finance space. Billdup was borne out of a lived experience when my life circumstances unexpectedly changed and I needed to reset life with a young dependent. I’d accumulated 10 years’ worth of household bill contributions such as rent, council tax and utilities; all invisible to financial institutions. My mission is to change this and help level the playing field in financial mobility and inclusion. By making these financial footprints available, bill contributors will gain better access to better financial products and prove to be valuable customers.’

This is of course music to my ears as one of my passions, often expressed through the smbn is the credit scoring system, particularly when it comes to rent for mortgage affordability.

Please connect with Rachael here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rachael-namiiro-501b74160/ to learn more, and join me in extending a warm welcome to Rachael to the SMBN, where SOLO no longer means SOLO.

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