ITV interviewed me last week; they refused to use my interview, as I refused to deviate from my truth. We need to be clear about who receives benefits, instead of fuelling the stigma..

Single Mum, Benefits, and Cost of Living Crisis

On Friday I spoke with ITV as they were looking for single parents to ask what support would be available to them to help with the cost of living in line with energy cap increase. I just couldn’t do it, I am sick of the elderly, disabled, single parents, and every other person already worrying month-to-month about they how they are going to do the weekly shop with forfeiting another bill, because at the end of it there’s another greedy capitalist benefitting at their expense. We have to change the narrative. We have to be honest about who the benefit recipients are, I can tell you now there is no beneficiary struggling, those struggling are only the mediums for the real beneficiaries. Benefits subsidise high rents, low wages, capitalist greed in every other area. Many years ago a working person could manage their household and their family, these days a working person needs to beg, borrow and steal, constantly looking for breadcrumbs to take to the feast the greedy, to walk away with nothing but blisters. I am not asking for help, I am not asking for money for me, and I refuse to beg as a diversion for the fact that our tax is being diverted to these sharks under the ruse that we are benefitting. This is quite simply very clever money laundering, from tax, to shareholders, we are just the pawns and puppets.

I would rather have my truth than my five minutes of fame. Can we stop feeding the bias, can we stop making out that ‘we’ are the beneficiaries, can we stop begging for their benefit.

I reject this script, I will not act as a puppet to be complicit in this act against humanity, as much as I appreciate the opportunity to feed the bias, I will not play the game to enable the most vulnerable members of society to be victims of this latest social cleansing.

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