Our new Prime Minister Liz Truss, her knowledge of the Single Mums Business Network, aka SMBN, and our renewed hope for access to childcare, homes, financial independence and dignity.

It was a real pleasure to meet Liz Truss last month at the Ledbury hustings, it is not the first time I have spoken to Liz, we first met via Zoom in 2020 thanks to Alison Cork, Make it Your Business, and then again earlier this year as part of her on-line hustings, and so when we finally met in person in August, she recognised me, which of course was really nice, and, she took the Single Mums Business Magazine, along with a personal letter, and promised to absorb the contents and reiterated how she vows to address the issue of childcare for those of us doing all we can to continue working.

Having to turn to the state for support, when you have always been a proud tax payer with a strong work ethic, purely as a result of childcare v presenteeism, is a painful degrading reality, and a great economic cost, that could be resolved so easily with either work fitting into childcare or childcare covering work, one has to give, and I am very hopeful now, that Liz, with first-hand knowledge of the Social Impact Review, will be able to address this. The Social Impact Review addresses:

  1. Barriers to Work, Cost to Economy and Solution
  2. Barriers to Finance, Cost to Economy and Solution
  3. Barriers to Home, Cost to Economy and Solution
  4. Stigma, Misconceptions, and Ignorance

It will be really nice to remove these barriers so that we can finance our own stability, instead of being forced to beg for help, further fuelling the stigma and misconceptions about our community’s work ethos, and focus on other matters that need our attention, such as unethical capitalists, the environment and more vulnerable members of society who need our help in so many ways.

With every change comes renewed hope, renewed hope for action, change, and a better future for us all, and whatever your political views, this is todays’ reality, and this is where less drama, and more productive focus is needed.

I do not know what the next three months looks like, but I know that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and I know that our Prime Minister is acutely aware of our community, and it fills me with great pride that SMBN members have benefitted from this incredible exposure, at the highest level.

Here is the latest issue of the mag, that Liz has; the next issue is out on 21st September (copy deadline 10th September) https://singlemumsbusinessnetwork.wordpress.com/single-mums-business-magazine/

I promised our ladies I would get our message to the top, and despite my head being held under water by most who could help me do that, I did it anyway. That is what the SMBN is about, fighting spirit, not giving up, standing up for our right to be heard, and reinforcing that fact that the SMBN means that fighting SOLO is no longer fighting SOLO.

It certainly feels as though the last year has been focused on internal politics between politicians, deflecting away from a society crying out for help, suffering at the hands of greed, let us hope now, that with the scandals and hustings finally over; the Government can refocus on the sick and suicidal society suffering in its shadows.

END. Posted September 5th 2022

Right darlings! The Gov have just made a ‘bit’ of a ‘massive’ poop in judging you instead of tackling the root cause and keeping you safe in the interim, so, let me see what I can do to help… Webinar/ Workshop – Breaking Free from Benefits – Flexible Working and Self-Employment – Free of Charge – all welcome regardless of reason for needing support.

I cannot express enough how disappointed I am in the Chancellor’s attitude towards the most vulnerable members of society in receipt of universal credit. I am all for everybody working, and I am all…

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