Welcome New Member – Carmen Romero, Founder and Director – Impact Creation Lab Ltd

I am delighted to welcome Carmen Romero as a member of the Single Mums Business Network. Carmen has worked for more than a decade in the space of impact investing, UHNWI, family offices and social enterprises as well as with start-ups at various stages of their growth from ideation all the way to pre-seed or seed investment ready.

Carmen’s vision with the Impact Creation Lab is:

  1. To provide a bridge linking the start-ups and the social entrepreneurs with the investors whether private or institutional to join forces and make their ideas and money create long lasting and positive impact globally.
  2. To democratise impact and engage young generations to align with impact early on, understand it, embrace it, live it and love it.

Carmen says.

I have come across amazing individuals passionate about solving problems whether it relates to education, agriculture, technology or the environment.

The hurdles are very similar. 

For start-ups and social entrepreneurs with great ideas, it is about creating a structure organic enough to grow, upscale and replicate in an agile manner.

For investors and family offices, they want to have access to meaningful and impactful companies and technologies. Oftentimes, they want to create their portfolio and involve their children to align their family values and reflect these in how they invest their money. They are mindful of stewardship and legacy. The financial institutions that serve them, do not necessarily have access or are aware of these impactful enterprises. They are usually “too small” to be on their radar. And so family offices and the likes go a step further by creating their own fund of funds or family office to cater for their needs for impact and change.

Not only inspired by wanting to be a better mum for her son, by structuring work and working from home, Carmen is very clear that her aim with the Impact Creation Lab is to democratise impact and place people and planet as stakeholders for every start-up and SME she works with. She also aims to reach out to younger generations for them to start loving and living impact.

You can learn more about the Impact Creation Lab here

Welcome Carmen to the SMBN, your community of proud, hardworking, single mothers.

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