Welcome New Member to the SMBN – Debra Elsmore, Owner at Balance, Pilates and Wellbeing

I am delighted to welcome Debra to the Single Mums Business Network. Deb and I have been connected via networking for a number of years and it is always very heart-warming when somebody who has known me for years and I consider a friend, sees the value in formal membership of the SMBN. Debra is a kind and intuitive woman and I know that you are safe in her hands.

As a Pilates teacher and Personal Trainer based in The Forest of Dean, I am passionate about Womans Health, Fitness and Mindset. To me there is nothing more important than a robust approach to self care. After all, the more we are, the more we are able to give. 

At Balance – Pilates & Wellbeing I consider all the elements that go into this when training clients and designing classes.  My Pilates Classes are joyful supportive sessions that lift the soul, teaching the fundamentals of Pilates to ensure great back care health and a strong core. I provide a safe inclusive environment for women to connect with themselves and grow in all my sessions.  I am also a Reiki Healer and offer beautiful therapies that combine this energy work with massage and gua sha treatments at my peaceful studio in Bream. 

I have 3 fabulous side hustles that provide excellent products to my clients, Tropic Skincare, Zinzino Balance oil and MONAT hair care. I use all these products and love being able to share my love of things that work for me as we navigate the ageing process and the delights of menopause. 

I’ve been a single mum for 5 years now and raise my 2 children and our black Labrador in the Forest of Dean . In the last 2 years I have been studying mindset more closely and will incorporate this work more within my current role,  to empower woman to be EVERYTHING they can imagine . 

Debra will now benefit from a number of SMBN benefits, as listed here and of course as a network, we all benefit from another single mother, being unashamed of her status, and helping to educate public perception of the reality that most single mums are just hard-working women, who were once married, but are now managing solo.

Take a look at Debra’s website!



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