Sarah Harvey, SMBN Member and Students in Mind Founder, delivers Wellbeing Workshop to Weightmans Solicitors.

I am Sarah, founder of Students in Mind, where we place wellbeing at the heart of the classroom.

However, a classroom doesn’t just exist in a school or college building. It can exist within all our workplaces. The environments where we are constantly learning and developing.

So, recently I took this education to Weightmans, a country-wide firm of solicitors. I ran an empowering bespoke wellbeing workshop for their newly appointed interns. A workshop where the interns learned how to address limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome as well as ways to develop resilience and improve self-worth.

Alongside this they improved their knowledge on the benefits of mindfulness and meditation and how to use them in their work or university environments to bring calm and stability when times seem difficult.

By engaging with one of the Students in Mind workshops, Weightmans showed themselves to be a forward-thinking employer when it comes to educating their staff.

There is so much benefit to investing in your people for the long-term; for sustainability in employment, as well as university and for future-proofing the workplace.

Educating staff in the tools of wellbeing sends a message of positivity to employees and sets you ahead as proactive employers.

Furthermore, Students in Mind is working on several projects with Liverpool John Moores Universtity (LJMU).  The LCR 4.0 Start programme helps to find the best ways to make sustainable wellbeing easily accessible in education.

They understand that by developing emotional resilience alongside academic achievement, potential is maximised, and success rates increased, in both education and life.

At Students in Mind, we believe that sustainable wellbeing is the way forward in both education as well as the working environment.

Ask yourself what staff would be attracted by proactively promoting mental wellbeing. 

Ask yourself how students and teachers would feel if their wellbeing was cared for every day.

There is no downside to being educated in these tools and strategies, only growth and happiness.

Sarah Harvey BA, MA

Sarah delivers workshops and programmes to schools, colleges, universities and employers throughout the UK

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