Member Impact Story – Claire Harris – Pets2Places

Thank you to SMBN member Claire for submitting our first official Impact Story!

The Single Mums Business Network [SMBN] was set-up in 2019 to help single mums with work, enterprise and wellbeing, with a strong focus on positive mental health and economic impact.

We have always functioned as a self-sufficient Social Enterprise, to enable our community of businesswomen to not only help themselves but help the women who walk in their shoes.

Here we hear from SMBN member Claire, Owner of Pets2Places, a Pet Taxi service with Franchise Opportunities (and an already very successful franchisee!)

“Being a part of the SMBN means so much to me. Its really hard being a single parent, and running a business, being the only one responsible for everything whilst also trying to find the money to build a business is pretty exhausting.

Its great to be a part of a network that not only gets it, but also supports each person individually with whatever they need.  As a sole trader there isn’t always somebody to talk to, and in business we don’t just want to share our woes with anyone.

Julie has built an incredible network of working mums who are a superb support to each other. Julie herself always goes above and beyond for every single one of us and I know I can contact her anytime to ask for advice, help or support.

Not only being a part of an incredible group but the magazine that Julie creates each month is a great way to gain exposure for my business without it costing a fortune which I just don t have.

I won an award last year (2021) at the SMBN awards for Excellence in Customer Service, this was also amazing to be recognised for how hard I work to build my business.

I’m truly grateful to Julie for building the Single Mums Business Network, I       honestly don’t know where I’d be without it”

Claire Harris – Pets2Places

If you are looking for Taxi for your pet, or, an established franchise opportunity, you should visit Claire’s website here

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I am delighted to welcome Nina Farr, to the Single Mums Business Network, aka SMBN. You really need to visit Nina’s website to fully appreciate the scope of her offerings, from coaching, HR Support, her own Cluster Mothers Membership group, her book, and much more. Here is what Nina says;

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Welcome New Member, Claire Standen, Coach, Speaker and Activist, to the SMBN. Claire is a coach and therapist helping entrepreneurial and professional women break the generational curse of ‘never enough’ so that they can build businesses, relationships and family lives that light them up. Read more..

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The BOOK – Single Mums & 21st Century Peasant – Breaking out of Benefits Jail, is coming soon! I have held a number of webinars to address barriers to adequate work, homes and finance, and consequential benefits. This book shares my own journey as a Single Mum and self-proclaimed 21st Century Peasant, as I share…


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