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There are three ways to join the SMBN. You can join as a member or a friend.

5% of membership fees from 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022 were donated to Purple Shoots via Work for Good. We are continuing this for 2022-2023

Commercial Participation statement for this campaign: ‘5% of membership fees from 1.04.2022 – 31.03.2023 as pledged on SMBN website will be donated to Purple Shoots via Work for Good’

Member – £2.50 per week or £10pcm (two DD frequency options) – scroll down for payment links

As a member you will enjoy continued exposure throughout the year via our paid signposting and in magazine advertorials.  You also benefit from free monthly zoom meetings, member only meet-ups and 1-1 support with partners. You also benefit from PAM Assist, which gives you access to clinical and professional expertise, giving you a chance to talk about all kinds of work and personal issues that may be affecting you. These might include; debt advice, relationships, managing money, stress management, moving house, health advice, work issues, domestic abuse, drug/alcohol addiction, family care or bereavement.

For business PR we continuously promote you (via signposting to smbn members directory ) in print outside of social media..

External ads to date include this ad in The Lady Magazine this ad in Living with Disability and exposure in this Psychologies Magazine article

Your membership is not so that you can sit idle on our database – your membership is a small investment to contribute to much higher value exposure. When you are in business / a self-employed Single Mum this support is very high value.

Member (swan) – £30pcm DD – scroll down for payment links

A Swan is a seasoned business woman who does not need subsidised membership. When you join the SMBN as a swan you are supporting other women with dependents to gain much needed exposure to their business, you are supporting the removal of barriers to work and even as an established you still benefit from super high value, low cost PR, and as an added benefit you will be making a real difference to other Single Mums who need exposure.

As a swan you will be contributing that little bit extra because you know that it is money well spent and you are proud to have reached a point in business that leaves you with enough disposable income.

All members benefit from FREE ads in our quarterly mag which is available on-line and in-print and monthly national zoom meetings.

We do not advertise your status as a new to business member or swan as it is crucial in the SMBN that all women hold their heads up equally without exposure of their current financial status, and the benefits are equal again due to not wanting to contribute to barriers due to adversity.

You can join the SMBN as a member if you are a Professional Single Mum in employment, or a single mum wanting to be surrounded by positive information and advice around business or work, but we have strict rules against MLM recruiting, so if you join and are targeted for MLM, that person will be removed. It is a safe space to support you on your ‘own’ business or work journey. Essentially we are hard-working single mums who are proud of who we are and what we do.

For SMBN supporters regardless of sex or status

Corporate Membership

Coming soon

Friend of the SMBN

Please join us as a friend of the SMBN if you are also a small business and would benefit from free inclusion in the quarterly mag whilst demonstrating your support of the SMBN. Membership is £2.50 per week, payable weekly or £10 monthly via links below;

Please consider the Swan or Corporate Membership if you are HNW

And if that’s not enough and you really want to be actively involved – look at the sponsorship packages for the awards, where the ultimate prize is attending a black-tie event with your child and handing over an award! Very cool mum / dad!

5% of membership fee will be donated to Purple Shoots via Work for Good.


Click this LINK to pay £2.50 weekly by Direct Debit (fledgling or friend)

Click this LINK to pay £10 pcm by Direct Debit (fledgling or friend)

Click this link to pay £30 pcm Swan

or to work with founder privately, 1-1 mentoring, please see the shop tab

Please ensure you complete form below after setting up Direct Debit payment

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