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SMBN Founder Julie Hawkins – Visionary, Confidante & Entrepreneur

KIH Products Ltd was established in 2013, after I designed the KIH Bed – a Pregnancy Cushion used by Massage Therapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors to enable clients to lay on their bellies at variable stages of pregnancy, in 2011 when I was heavily pregnant. I had also embarked on a law degree when pregnant in 2011 and once I graduated in 2016 I wrote and published Finding Happiness and Freeing Your Spirit to help others help themselves move forward in a positive way. 

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I am also a confidante, and offer 1-1 appointments via phone, Zoom or in person, please book HERE

Whilst I had worked full time age 15-35 my world changed when I became a single mum in 2012, and my employer made it clear that flexible working or reduced hours was not an option.  I was forces to resign.

Overnight I went from being a married, 20 year career girl who owned her own home to a single mum with a repossessed property and poor credit, turned away by landlords and lenders, due to my new status.   

Desperate to continue my love of working but also having this new and beautiful life to take care of, started a long and painful journey of fighting for family and financial independence. Whilst I continually attempted to find work in sync with school that paid a decent wage, this proved very difficult, and so I continued to fight to grow my business, and complete my law degree to improve my prospects. My journey taught me more than I ever wanted to know and consequently I et up the SMBN to connect and support other hard-working single mums.  

You are not alone as a single mum in business, you are part of the SMBN.

Julie Hawkins

I should never have been on benefits, but lack of flexible working cost the tax payer thousands… | LinkedIn

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