Sisterhood and Community

We are Single Mums with a strong work ethic and we are proud of all that we do to take care of our homes, work and children whilst also taking care of ourselves. Whilst we are independent we also recognise that we all need a tribe, a tribe of women who understand our journey and can lift us in times of need. Join us.

Jules x

At the single mums business network we recognise how important it is that we have a sense of sisterhood and community around us. Our very British way as women is to live our own battles in our own four walls but this is not the way nature intended. We are meant to work as tribes.

Professional / Single Mums in Business

We all like to be surrounded by like-minded people. The Single Mums Business Network is a network of women throughout the UK who also have a strong work ethic, and can bond over single parenting. Some are widowed, some are divorced and some are single parents by choice, but we all have self-respect and pride and we want to see each other do well with the sanctuary of steady income through careers or business. We also welcome single mums who have not yet found their way professionally but would like to be surrounded by the right community to help them do this.

Connecting and Sisterhood

Members of the SMBN can meet regularly in their County for coffee and mostly professional chat, whilst equally offering a safe space for those having a tough week to share their pain and receive support. For the majority of 2020 during Covid-19 our meetings are on-line on Zoom. In addittion to meetings we have other events…

Camping, Awards and Community

Members met with their children around the campfire for a socially distanced gathering on 18/07. We will camp again in August. In November we have our annual awards in Gloucestershire which is a black tie t-time event for parent and child. All welcome.

We also recognise that we have an untapped community of elders who may be able to help us, in return for help or company. Many of us do not have a close family support network and we know that there are some retired ladies who may love to build a mutually beneficial relationship with a local professional single parent family. If this is you please get in touch!

I consider myself to be extremely lucky to be part of the Single Mum Business Network, it gives me the opportunity to work alongside like-minded, positive and business savvy women. Julie is a pleasure to connect with, her knowledge and support are second to none as she pursues her passion for supporting single mums in business – I would highly recommend joining this supportive network!

Shannon Andrews – June 2020

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