SMBN Awards 2020

The first ever SMBN awards, will be held on Saturday 23rd May 2020 (now 21st November due to Covid-19), at Mercure Gloucester, Bowden Hall Hotel. The event will be from 5pm – 8/9pm and is a black tie event for parents and children. Award entries are now closed and finalists will be announced on #SingleParentsDay 21st March 2020. These awards are so important to give women who have faced stigma for so long the support and recognition they deserve. To be reminded of this and all things SMBN please sign-up to our Newsletter.

Whilst you have to be a member for most of the awards, some of the Awards are open to individuals and businesses who also deserve to be recognised for their amazing work in making life better for others. We appreciate you!

The awards are FREE to enter and the evening tickets are not-for-profit. Please speak to me about sponsorship in kind (legitimate services!!) and prizes are especially important.
It is because of my own journey that I want these SMiBs to have an amazing night (early eve) out, for as little cost as possible, with prizes that they would never treat themselves too, the children always come first. Thank you!

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Acing Adversity

This category is open to a Single Mum in Business who has risen through the depths of despair, despite barriers, whether emotional, physical or financial.

Super Start-up

This category is open to a Single Mum in Business who has started up in the last 12 months and already achieved great things and is supporting the UK economy.


Best Collaborator

Part of the ethos of the SMBN is to collaborate not compete.   If you actively demonstrate this by shouting out about who some would identify as competitors, nominate yourself and help us show celebrating competitors instead of competing with them can be very healthy.

Digital Innovation Award

This Award is for a Single Mum or Friend of the SMBN who has created a Digital Platform with modern technology to celebrate new ways to communicate in the 21st Century.

A luxury skincare hamper prize has been donated for the Digital Innovation Award winner by Streetpin, a 21st Century Community Pinboard

Best Networker

This category is open to a Single Mum in Business who knows how to network and helps others by powerful network marketing.  Going to a meeting to help your own business is one thing, but going to a meeting in hope that you can help ten other businesses is awesome.  Evidence by link to social media profile.

This award category is sponsored by The Family Network


Excellence in Customer Care

It doesn’t matter what your business is if you know how to treat your customers like gold you deserve a pat on the back, for making them feel great!  Kindness breeds kindness and if you can demonstrate how you’ve gone above and beyond for your customers or clients, put yourself forward for an award. This award is open to a Single Mum in Business.


Young Mum of the Year –23 and under

Being a Single Mum and facing up to stigma is hard for the most mature and head strong woman.  When you are young and you haven’t had a chance to get a career behind you are especially vulnerable to being made to feel less than great.  If you know a young Single Mum who is doing a great job and trying to improve career / business prospects at the same time nominate her for some special SMBN recognition. 


Community Champion

This is for a Single Mum who, despite struggling with her own problems takes the time to help the Community around her. This can be via employment, voluntary work or business.


Multimixer of the Year

Whether you have a completed a degree alongside building a business as a single mum or whether you work part-time alongside growing a business, if you are juggling several professional plates to be the best that you can possibly be, tell us all about it and give yourself a chance of an official pat on the back to celebrate your efforts.


Legal SMiB of the Year

Sponsored by Link Legal Solutions Ltd

This category is open to a Single Mum who is working in the legal sector, as a Paralegal, Lawyer or Solicitor.  This is a very tough industry when you are often extremely torn between your career and your child and if you are dealing with that on your own you deserve to be nominated for an award.  If you work for a Law term in sync with school, make sure you nominate them for the family friendly employer award as they will 100% deserve recognition for that too.

This award category is sponsored by Link-Legal Solutions Ltd, a Paralegal Law Firm specialising in Corporate Law. See

Instagram Influencer

This category is open to a Single Mum in Business who has mastered Instagram and used it in a positive way to help others with their personal or professional development.  If you spend a lot of time and effort sharing content with the sole intention of helping others you deserve an award too!  Of course it will be for your followers to nominate you for this one!


Top County Coordinator

This award is for the top performing SMBN County Coordinator.  I want to award the women who are helping me connect Single Mums UK wide. Nomination not required!


Fantastic ‘Friend’ of the SMBN

All of our ‘Friends of the SMBN’ are fantastic and they all deserve awards for coming forward to support us.  But, we want you to tell us who you think deserves a little special recognition for something you know and we don’t.  So, surprise them by supporting them as they have supported us and tell us why they should have the 2020 Fantastic Friend crown!


Best Blog

Blogging is a very powerful tool and there are some amazing ladies, and gents out there who spend hours blogging to help raise the profile of others.  You do not have to be a Single Mum to enter this category, but you will have blogged about a Single Mum in Business.



Gingerbread Group Leader of the Year

Gingerbread is a Charity for Single Mums in the UK and they were my saving grace when I was painfully isolated when my daughter was a baby.  Their Group leaders volunteer their time to help and support Single Mums in their area and I want you to nominate YOUR group leader for being a true leader and giving up her time to organise opportunities for you all to come together. 


Mentor of the Year

Has somebody taken you under their wing and would you like to show them how much you appreciate their mentorship?  It can be formal, professional, or just a friend or associate who has selflessly helped you with invaluable advice and support. 


Family Friendly Employer

This category is open to any UK employer.  If your employer makes it easy for you to be there for your child’s every need and appreciates you excelling at work in between, let us know about them!  They deserve an award for humane leadership.  You must be on more than living wage.


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We now also have prizes donated by West Midland Safari Park and Nancy Mac Clothing… links to be updated soon!