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I’m Jules, Founder of the SMBN. Set to tackle flexible working, barriers to homes and finance, and to support women in business fighting for financial independence.

With Co-Director Nehaya on the right, and Aruna, Founder of the Asian Single Parents Network and SMBN member on the left.

Delivering our message to the Prime Minister in August 2022 – In hope that he would use his power wisely

At the 2022 Single Mums Business Awards

With Alison Cork MBE, Role Model and Supporter

The Single Mums Business Network is ran by Single Mums in Business and whilst it has always operated as a not-for-profit since its launch in 2019, I formally converted it to a CIC, along with my Co-Director, Nehaya Zitawi, in December 2022, this is to reassure our members that our work is dedicated to serving our community. To date, we have been entirely self-sufficient, and, we intend to stay that way.

Our Members pay a nominal membership fee (£10 pcm) for increased exposure to their businesses, whilst knowing that their membership fee also supports our wider community, by relentlessly tackling barriers to work, homes and finance, whilst reassuring the general public that our mission is always to support the economy, rather than needing it to support us. We work hard to reduce the stigma associated with our title, and to be formally recognised when it comes to equality and equity. Some of our members are HNW whilst other are on UC. We do not differentiate, some are here to help, some are here to be helped, they all pay the same. We do not offer concessions as membership is nominal, and this is where members financially commit to help themselves.
You may wish to support our work, if you have ever had lived experience as a single parent (we do a lot of signposting to do our best to support single dads too), or as a child of a single parent who struggled due to the barriers that should not exist. It may be that you are aware that living as a single income household should not be a traumatic, and, near impossible sustainable task (as it stands at least, we are working to change that), as it is crucial that the family home is a sanctuary, a happy place, and one that should be set free if parents are attacked or abused emotionally or physically.
There are many ways that you can support our work, within your marketing budget.
1. You can advertise with us in our quarterly magazine
2. You can sponsor our awards
3. You can exhibit at our conference
4. You can join us a member, or friend of the SMBN

But please do not offend us by asking us to work for you, or promote your business or service for free!

Our key objectives
1. Freedom to switch from rent to mortgage, without barriers based on adversity or deposit savings.
2. Freedom to work within skillset and salary scale. Childcare in Sync with working hours and working year.
3. Access to finance regardless of adversity. Abolish the penalty for being poor.
4. Stop the discrimination against single parent families. We pay more for days out, events and holidays because our ‘family’ is not made up of two adults and two children. We are not asking for subsidies, just equality.

Raising Awareness, Campaigning, Raising Awareness, Campaigning, Raising Awareness, Campaigning…

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