Webinar for the British Library
Jules and Joe Webinar – Thriving in Life and Overcoming Obstacles
In this interview Daniella Genas talks to me about my journey from married employee to single mum on benefits and what drove me to create my company and the SMBN. Thanks to Daniella for helping me set up my own Zoom interviews as seen above
In this interview with Daisy and Penny from Shelter Bristol we discuss the Housing Crisis and their Home Truths Campaign
In this interview with Michael Ray, aka Charlie’s Dad we discuss Parenting Equality
See Michael’s website HERE
In this interview with Val Hood we discuss kindness, spiritualism and mediumship
See Val’s website HERE
In this interview with Rebecca Ingram we discuss how she is a Solicitor but lack of flexibility and reduced pay forced her out of the profession. Psychotherapy, Rapid Transformation and Single Parenting! She her website HERE
In this interview with Nina Bambrey we disuss holistic parenting and what she has done to help you via her website HERE
Intro VT

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