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I would like to welcome Kylie Rea of ‘The Mum Boss’ – a Kent based networking group, to the Single Mums Business Network.

See her profile here

This Kent based networking group is designed to help (all) mums grow in confidence and be supported in following their dreams- while still being ‘Mum’!

I have no doubt of the calibre of Single Mums in the UK and the SMBN is here to ensure that these ladies get the recognition and exposure they deserve, and the best possible opportunity to succeed in enjoying their families and achieving financial freedom.

Here Kylie writes:

‘So – the 5 year relationship had drawn to a close, the house had been sold, pending exchange and that was that. Sounds easy when you say it as blaze as that doesn’t it. So clean cut!

Leaving to one side the trials and tribulations throughout that relationship – I was leaving that relationship – or more so that house and the setup we had created with my son, Our Dog, My car, a 50/50 split of the house equity and a fair amount of the furniture that we had acquired over time. But that was that.

I remember he was away in Thailand the day we exchanged and completed  – I was there with my parents who were helping me with the last few bits of cleaning before all was done – and his parents had been a massive help with storing ALL of the bulky furniture in their garden for me as everything was drawing ever nearer… but I was very much alone throughout one of the biggest and most painful moments throughout the entire break down of the relationship.

He was having a lovely time in Thailand but did say he’d be checking his Banking App for the money to clear – not really much more he could do other than that is there…It wasn’t really something I paid much attention too – he often went away with mates and away for work dos etc etc so why on earth would it matter now ay?

So it was for me to ensure a smooth transition for our son, and to explain as best as I possibly could that the home he had for the past 3 years was no longer going to be…

I felt sick. I handed over the keys to the lovely new owners once I got the call from the Solicitors, shook their hands and had to fold a hysterical 3 year old in to the car, wailing all the way back to my parents which was 40 minutes away – and I really felt like joining him.

So that was that. Done.

I didn’t know If I was going to cope ‘alone’ but I certainly had it on good authority from myself that I certainly didn’t need anyone to join me with parenting…that was one element I was never going to miss, as I never truly felt I had it to start with through one reason and another. It was always just me and my boy – whatever the weather. But financially – what on earth was I going to do?

1st July 2018 – Life started over. My son and I moved in to my friends wonderful 2 bed cottage in the heart of the Kentish county side and finally – I felt like this was the BEST decision I could ever have made – for my son more than anyone. He was due to start school in September, and the timings worked perfectly to ensure he was settled in his new home ahead of this… Finally, all was good!!!

Before the house sold and I was aware that I was going to be a ‘Single Mum’ and facing all of the stigma that goes with that term – I knew I needed something GOOD to keep us afloat.

Previously I had played a big part in my ex- partners company and began working there 3 days a week generating business, leads and turning the corporate department in to what it remains to be today. Well – I thought that being a single mum, now I had to get a full time Job – I had to!
I had no choice! There was no other way on this planet that I would be able to provide ALONE for my son in anything other than a managerial role on X amount a year in a full-time position!

So my friend got me an interview at her place – and I started in the August… the timings could not have been better!

But wait – I was so busy trying to ‘Make It Work’ that I would drop him off to breakfast club at 7:45 before bombing through the lanes to work, scraping in to the office at 9am to a whole load of stats, figures, reports, meetings, targets, spreadsheets, forecasts and god knows whatever else I was drowning in because I was genuinely flying by the seat of my pants in that job – totally out of my depth there but desperately trying to make it work…. Because I was trying to prove to everyone that I COULD DO IT. I could rock a full-time career AND be a mum! I could!!

But of course – this was at a detriment to my son.

He would be woken at 6:45, dressed, snack in car, Breakfast club for 7:45 – School day – Picked up by 1 of 3 different parties, fed dinner, then collected by me at 7pm, in the car and put to bed before starting all over again. At 4 years old.

Something had to change. I changed my life right there and then in a flash. I chose to say ‘no more’. As I say – I was pants at the job anyway, so no love lost there, and sure the money was good but what on earth was I doing to my son – in order to prove what exactly?! That I didn’t NEED a man to be successful? Call me Beyoncé!

9th January 2019 I handed in my notice and left the same day… and it was on the way home that I had a brain wave – I surely cannot be the only woman on the planet who is going through this exact same thing?

I collected my son from School that evening, and I knew that I had completely misplaced my priorities. I was doing all of that for him, when really – all he ever needed was for me to be there.

10th January 2019 was the start of The Mum Boss – A Modern Network for Modern Mums.’

So, if you are a mum looking for networking in Kent – take a look at her site – her social media links are as follows:

Facebook   *  Instagram

Kylie will now enjoy exposure to her business with every visit to the SMBN and associated PR.  Please don’t hesitate to join us if you are a Single Mum working hard to pay the bills alone, we are here to help you.  You are no longer alone x


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