Are you a Single Mum in Business in the UK? The SMBN needs YOU

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The objective of the SMBN is very clear – it is collaboration.  Collaboration of Single Mums, who are coming together in the SMBN network to collaboratively reduce stigma, dispel misconceptions, raise awareness of the difficulties in finding suitable employment that SYNCS with school life whilst ultimately gaining EXPOSURE to enable YOUR business to succeed.

I have no doubt that you have an extensive skillset and that you are a mum in business as a lifestyle (forced) choice – because you want to work – you love working – but employers won’t open their doors for 20-30 hours a week for a proper living wage.  And so you have three choices: –

(1) you live in relative poverty in work –

(2) you sacrifice your precious time as a mum so that your career does not suffer –

(3) you decide to work for yourself, and you will do all that you can to show what you are capable of, help the economy rather than put strain on it (despite your lifetime contributions more than covering it), whilst enjoying every precious moment of motherhood without going through hell early mornings, before bed, and during the school holidays – and as a Single Mum – you need to make this work quickly, as in a short while any support you have worked for will stop and you will be forced into (1) or (2).

That is why the SMBN is here – to help you win at no. (3).

There are some amazing companies out there championing work in sync with school – and I love them – I make no secret of it – I share their tweets, mention them on social media and the main website and I fully support what they are doing in challenging employers fixed mindset in terms of the ‘traditional’ working week.  It is also crucial that you are not penalised financially for this working pattern.  Minimum AND living wage are not enough.  I have blogged about inflation and I encourage you to read it here.

So membership – let me explain why it is £60 per year – I know as a Single Mum that £60 is not easy to find.  And that is why you can pay 12 x £5, or 6 x £10 via DD.  I have made many mistakes with £60 over the years.  I have joined prestigious looking business clubs and I have placed small ads – what I needed was £3000 to promote my business.  I cried when my £60 (actually £150) membership to a womens business network didn’t even result in a welcome email, let alone exposure or support – and it offends me that some networks are only to monetise and help themselves.  Equally I have attended networking wherby the host had no networking experience nor knowledge of social media, she was appointed simply as a desire for the head office to generate income, without caring for the care of it’s service users – and so knowing that I could do better I set-up the SMBN, to really help SMiB gain exposure.

I know that in the early stages of business you can feel like an imposter, but trust me, if you are trying to generate your own income you are an SMBN – the only rule is complete transparency – again my other blogs elaborate!

So if you are the following – join us!  We have lots of PR planned and I want your business to be seen with every hit!  As membership grows the pages will be tweaked to ensure that you can be found by location or business type so you will not get lost in numbers.

Members can include but is not limited to:

Dog walkers, Cleaners, Ironing Service, Book-keepers, Accountants, Financial Advisors, Solicitors, Paralegals, Creatives, Web Design, Social Media, Virtual Assistants, Caterers, Sewing Services, Photographer, Coaching, Counselling, Beauty therapy, Massage therapy, Chiropractor, Osteopath, Gardening, Painting, Mechanics, PR – the list is really endless – basically whatever your business – join the SMBN, I promise your small investment will have the best possible impact over the next 12 months!

I am fully supportive of ALL women in business (and men) and attend and run other networks to reflect this, but the SMBN is for Single Mums because I am one and I know the unique challenges that that presents.

Once you join you will see your member badge here – now imagine how many people will see this page after you – you need to be on it, be seen! give yourself every chance of success.  No hiding in shame, no fear of stigma, you have been fighting solo and now you do not need to.

Welcome ladies x your future starts today.




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