Single Mums in Business Network

Single Mums Business Network

The SMBN (Single Mums in Business Network) is for Women in Business in the UK, who understand the journey of being solely responsible for making ends meet each month.

The SMBN is to help these women gain EXPOSURE, to enable then to succeed so that they are not forced to sacrifice the precious parenting years by returning to the traditional yet archaic workplace.

Misconceptions would lead you to believe that single mums are work shy, living off the state. The truth is they are normal hardworking women with an extensive skillset and have no desire to draw out of the pot that they spent years contributing to.

Sadly in the UK work is not in sync with school nor is pay in sync with inflation. For that reason the only hope for many is self-employment. Hope for work in sync with school and hope for better pay.

It has been long established that all UK workers are fed up with the old fashioned work pattern and it does not matter if you are male, female, parent or child-free. Life is about more than work, and pay should bring you out of relative poverty, not force you into it. And so there are many great gamechangers out there who are working hard for flexible working (which should be the norm, not a benefit) and better pay (which is historic in terms of the cost of living).

The SMBN is to support the women who have chosen self-employment, becuase they are essentially fighting to work, in a way that does not destroy them.

Take a look at some of our members. Membership is affordable – at £60 a year – payable in £5 installments if you’re starting out and surviving on a low budget – this is to help us help you. Alone we can achieve great things, together we are stronger. Join us! and be part of a growing network of women who are taking control of their lives and fighting for their right to be with their children, and work hard.

If you are a successful single mum in business join us to part of a wonderful movement, if you are a new single mum and have no idea where to start in being self-employed join us and let us lift you.

I have no doubt of the calibre of Single Mums in the UK and the SMBN is here to ensure that these ladies get the recognition and exposure they deserve, and the best possible opportunity to succeed in enjoying their families and achieving financial freedom.

Members will now enjoy exposure with every visit to the SMBN and associated PR.  Please don’t hesitate to join us if you are a Single Mum working hard to pay the bills alone, we are here to help you.  You are not alone x

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