Welcome New Member, Gemma Wall – Priestess of the Woods! to the Single Mums Business Network..

I am delighted to welcome Gemma Wall, Priestess of the Woods, to the Single Mums Business Network. Gemma is a Nature Priestess, Tarot reader, Writer, Poet, Artist and creator of Moon Magic Ritual Boxes, and here is what she says:

Hi, I’m Gemma. I’m a writer, artist, priestess and single mother of four children, three sons age 21, 15 and 14 and a 3 yr old daughter. I run my own business from home offering Sacred Self Care Packages, Moon Ritual Boxes, Soul Guidance Tarot Readings and share nature wisdom, plant magic, ritual and ceremony. Im based in the Forest of Bowland in rural Lancashire.

You can connect with Gemma by visiting her website HERE

Instagram HERE

and Facebook HERE

I have no doubt of the calibre of Single Mums in the UK and the SMBN is here to ensure that these ladies get the recognition and exposure they deserve, and the best possible opportunity to succeed in enjoying their families and achieving financial freedom.

Members enjoy exposure to their business with every visit to the SMBN and associated PR.  Please don’t hesitate to join us if you are a Single Mum working hard to pay the bills alone, we are here to help you.  You do not have to be a single mum to join, we have friends of the SMBN too. Every time a new member joins she is not only helping herself but helping every other member and friend of the SMBN, we welcome you x

Special Award – Friend of the SMBN – A must read!

[…] There was no way that I was going to let this go unrecognised, so without having to be nominated or nominate herself, I awarded Marie Hall, of Empowerment House. Best friend of the SMBN for 2020. I hope she puts that award somewhere she always sees it, so if ever she’s having a tough day or doubting what a difference she makes, she remembers how incredible, appreciated and loved she is. ..

Welcome New ‘Friend of the SMBN’ – Fiona Scott of Scott Media – Journalism, Public Relations and Media

I am delighted to welcome Fiona Scott, of Scott Media, as a Friend of the SMBN’ I have known Fiona for a number of years and have worked with her when she helped me launch the business and I am so proud that she has joined as a friend, to further support the network. Fiona Scott is a journalist of more than 30 years’ experience and has run her own media consultancy for the last 12 years, working with business large and small. She offers both training and service delivery in PR, marketing strategy, animation, videography & social media management. She started her career in newspapers and Hospital Radio, went into television and has worked on programmes including The One Show, Flog It!, Dispatches & 100s of regional tv programmes. She set up her own business and now is a PR/journalist hybrid.