A Virtual Assistant is your right arm, your confidant, your back bone, your spokes!

Michelle Molyneux of MJM Virtual Solutions is just that!

Being a single parent is not about your partner being away most of the time or it being lonely, it is about knowing that you need to develop your business, in a short space of time, to such an extent that you can cover overheads, keep a PR budget and draw a wage enough to cover your rent / mortage & bills & general living expenses & preferably a little disposable income!

The reality is that that takes time, and many mums can enjoy running a business as a second income that does not impact the first. If you do not achieve said level of income as a single parent you either face a horrible world of reclaiming years of paid taxes, or you have to sacrifice parenting, to work elsewhere full-time, which rarely pays enough to cover the cost of today’s living, which traps you in a decade of needing to reclaim money taken by the gov.

The SMBN is here to help women in business with the PR side of things, becasue we 100% get the pressure, and want to be financially independent, despite misconceptions of lifestyle choice.

We all need help with various areas of support in our business, and a virtual assistant is a fantastic asset to any business. Even 1 hour a week can make a significant difference to a VA and can releive you of the most menial tasks. How long do you spend emptying spam out of your inbox each day? How long do you spend reconciling the bank or creating social media posts. How long do you spend reading over your work to check for typos and grammar?

If you have more money than time then it’s time to share some of that workload. It does not have to be a massive committment. 4 hours or 40 hours es igual. You do not have the administration of employment, sick pay, holiday leave, PAYE – the VA declares her income and pays her own contributions.

What I love about Michelle’s site is that it is transparent. You can see what services she provides and what she charges, so you can pick up the phone with confidence that you are already half way to signing the dotted line. VA’s have different specialities, some medical, some law, some social media, some writing, some personal admin such as flowers for anniversaries! and if you are clear about what you want, you are guaranteed to find a VA offering it. A VA is switched on and she does not need training or explaining, she is a problem solver and she will find the answers to any questions without entry level misunderstandings.

Here is MJM Soluctions website – and even if you are looking for a different kind of VA, it is worth talking to her as many VA’s work with associates so that between them they can offer a fantastic range of expertise to their clients.

I know many great VA’s – and they are the way forward – as the salary structure in this country is stuck in the dark ages and with the cost of living so high many employees are walking away and leaving a huge gap where the company owners once undervalued their contribution to the successful running of their business. So have a VA on standby, at least if she does four hours a month for you you know you have confidence with her (or him!) should you suddenly find yourself short-staffed and need 20 hours support between her and her associates.

Michelle now enjoys exposure to her business with every visit to the SMBN and associated PR.  Please don’t hesitate to join us if you are a Single Mum working hard to pay the bills alone, we are here to help you.  You are not alone x


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